Long vacation on the red network with your joy eleven carmex润唇膏

This long holiday with you the joy of driving the Red Net eleven when it comes to the end of September, a lot of friends would like and small, feelings for the motherland become more and more difficult to be self-sustaining, not every day work, just as soon as possible to celebrate the birthday of the motherland…… I worked hard for 9 months, is the time to the motherland birthday by chance to reward yourself. This time, on a cool car, bring the family, use the wheel to measure the great mountains and rivers of the motherland, apparently is the best way to relax, to celebrate the motherland. Eleven let the car travel carefree carefree, this car car must be large enough, comfortable enough, enough fuel, the three indispensable quality. Carefree comfortable to travel by car or is likely to become a long-distance journey cannot bear to think of the past. Recently a very small market fire SUV Changhe Q35, apparently is a good choice. Space: "big" for the world is big, also to gu. Holiday travel, can leave the family alone? But the family travel is a big project, every time is the least, the choice of car should not magnanimous, it is difficult to meet the needs of the family trip. Although the location for small Changhe Q35 SUV, but its long wide 4286mm× 1815mm× high 1665mm body size, long wheelbase and 2560mm, or gives it a leading "magnanimous". Changhe Q35 ride space enough for a family of three holiday travel comfortable, enjoyable, even has two-child policy response to the national family of four, also the whole wide suitable, easy and comfortable. At the same time, super intimate design of storage space inside the car, is to let the family belongings in the nuances within reach, let the whole family feel warm heart. The rear seats can be folded Q35 Changhe 46, trunk volume is 427L-940L tall, plus a spare tire reasonably placed, the trunk of the whole flat square, whether to take the large trunk or camping tents, children scooters, barbecue utensils have a fall. At the same time, if the way to travel back home for you, or help with a large appliance with mother-in-law, Changhe Q35 magnanimous, all can easily fix. Configuration: give you a sense of security a good travel car, in addition to enough space, but also must have the intention to create a first-class driving texture, comfort and driving pleasure will be perfect as a melting furnace. Only in this way, can let the family’s journey into a carefree enjoyment. Q35 with intelligent automatic induction including Changhe wipers, with speed perception volume adjustment, sports leather electric heating seat configuration, a unique series of models at the same level and is equipped with electric sunroof, and let the whole family travel more convenient and comfortable. And with the camera image, navigation, Bluetooth, radio, mobile phones and other functions of the high intelligent HMI, is equipped with a Chinese display 7 inches color touch screen and USB, HDMI audio input interface. With it, the whole family on the road is no longer boring boring, usually the moving melody in the phone, can be easily shared by the HMI in the car to the family. Really rely!相关的主题文章: