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Logistics finance force   Su Ningyun O2O highlights the value of Internet retail — financial — people.com.cn August 30th evening, Su ningyun released semi annual report shows that the first half of 2016, the online platform commodity trading entity the total size of 80.31% year-on-year growth, leading the industry. At the same time, Su ningyun around the core competitiveness of retail, logistics and finance three major business units to build, also further highlight, socialization of logistics financial business revenue grew 153.98%, the overall transaction volume grew 130%. In the retail, logistics, finance, driven by three horses, Su Ningyun O2O business value highlights the rapid growth in sales, improve the scale effect, improve the operating efficiency of the benign development track. An increase of over 80% online Internet retail quality and efficiency in the first half of 2016, hundreds of key large-scale retail enterprises nationwide total retail sales fell 3.2%. It is in this industry background, as the strongest proprietary Internet retailers, Su ningyun relying on proprietary products procurement and the whole channel network system covering the whole scene, to provide full product for the user’s shopping experience. 2016 first half operating income of 68 billion 715 million yuan, of which the Internet business growth of up to 80.31%, the proportion of mobile terminal orders increased to 72%, a comprehensive lead the industry. While a substantial increase in the line, the value of the O2O model of Su Ningyun business continues to highlight, the line of business after adjustment in recent years, return to the scale of profitability track. On the one hand, the line stores plough, store operating steadily improve the quality of chain stores Ping efficiency rose 6.11%. Su ningyun in a second tier city core business deployment of Internet stores — suning.com cloud store, provides a rich combination of goods, comfortable shopping environment and a good user experience for the user, obvious effect, growth rate is far higher than other types of cloud up shop stores. On the other hand, Su ningyun three or four accelerate market expansion, to seize the rural market. Suning.com service station as an important carrier of promoting the development of O2O, the operation gradually mature, in 2015 the creation of the suning.com service station store annual sales rose up to 17%, 62% of the suning.com service station in June 2016 has achieved monthly earnings. "The first half of 2016, the company to further improve the development model, suning.com service station industry planning and operations team incentive mechanism, the second half will speed up the development of." Su Ningyun said in the earnings report. In the premise of consolidating and highlighting the products of large household appliances, 3C’s traditional strengths, Su ningyun insisted on self bring high quality and high efficiency of experience, products and services, has formed Suning, Suning, Suning supermarket maternal three professional commodity business. At present, the number of goods SKU reached 21 million, the number of open platform businesses nearly 30000. Among them, Su ningyun also further improve the maternal and child supermarket category supply chain construction, build a professional operation ability, the line of double linkage. As the development of maternal and child category independent brand red children, has realized the online suning.com redBaby maternal channels, redBaby maternal independent APP, Su)相关的主题文章: