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Liu Xiu established the Eastern Han women not only recognize her hero Yin Lihua: general core tip: courtiers tend to stand Guo Shengtong. Guo Shengtong in the Eastern Han Dynasty, played a certain role, and has been driving around. The hero of the Eastern Han Dynasty general, but a few are Liu Xiu before going to Hebei to follow, mostly Liu Xiu expedition in Hebei during the follow, only Guo Shengtong, Yin Lihua and unclear. And Guo Shengtong has a son, which is the fundamental guarantee of dynastic inheritance. Because of the Liu Xiu campaign year, more people need to inherit the courtiers.   Han Guangwu emperor Liu Xiu Khan data figure: surging news, this paper from the author: Tang Dynasty Great Wall, the original title: end of TV drama "long trip" the beautiful Jiangshan real and imaginary summer hit series "long trip" before the beautiful rivers and mountains. The play is one of the most popular historical dramas in recent years. The Eastern Han Dynasty as a sense of very low impression on the people of his dynasty, mostly "Han Dynasty is divided into three, war-torn." "Long trip" beautiful Jiangshan hit, sparked concerns about the history of the Eastern Han Dynasty to a certain extent, slightly enhanced the sense of presence in the Eastern Han dynasty. Judging from the perspective of the film, the play is considered a first-class works. From the historical point of view, basically also respects the historical background of the new dynasty period to the early Eastern Han Dynasty, although a lot of tampering, fictional, but the drama is not a documentary, don’t need to fully respect the history. But based on the historical facts of the respect, this paper intends to make some clarifications on important drama fiction, is to look at the popularity of the Eastern Han Dynasty and early history. Liu Xiu and Yin Lihua is how to understand? In the play, Liu Xiu and yinlihua met in Changan university. Yinlihua as a "drop in" in Changan Imperial College with Liu Xiu, Deng Yu, Liu Xuan, et al. In the Imperial College period, Liu Xiu, Deng Yu, Yin Lihua three people formed a deep friendship, and Liu, Deng can at this time to yinlihua love. In fact, Liu Xiunian is just a little, the decline of the royal family, a commoner, has been studying in Changan, but it is unlikely to be too. No more yinlihua Taixue learning experience. When the young Deng Yu was studying in Changan, and Liu Xiu befriend, is true. Liu Xiu was born in Jiyang, returned to the Chung ling. Yin Lihua was born in Nanyang, Xinye giants. Chung Ling is not far away from Xinye. "Houhanshu" said: "at the beginning, Wu Xinye light adaptation, the smell of beautiful, happy. After the ride to Changan, see they Kingo very Sheng, sighed and said: "as for his wife when Yin Lihua was executive Kingo,."" Here is very clear, Liu Xiuceng visited Xinye, and heard the Yin Lihua beauty "of moods". Lihua beauty may be in Xinye is widespread. So Liu Xiu in Xinye have never seen yinlihua? No written records, but may have seen. Otherwise, just because the smell of its beauty, making the "wife Lihua" the decision is not in line with common sense. Liu Xiu’s brother-in-law is Chen Deng, Deng is the big rich local, and affinity to the Yin family. Liu Xiuruo Deng through this relationship, too hard to reach yinlihua not. I saw Liu Xiu Yin Lihua, described as "love at first sight". To Changan, will be issued when a wife to yinlihua "sigh. As for Deng Yu to yinlihua love, pure fiction. Probably because of the need for drama.相关的主题文章: