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Lin Dan derailed the idea too, he deceived the world, review 10 – Sohu Lin Dan sports loving moment derailed idea too, he deceived the world, review 10 loving moment! Liu, Lin Dan was derailed, this explosive news quickly occupy the headlines, the impact is not inferior to him in the Beijing Olympic Games and the London Olympic Games won the men’s singles gold medal. November 17th, according to the detective Zhao five children broke the news, Lin Dan derailed during his wife’s pregnancy, Xie Xingfang. It happened in mid September of this year, that is the end of the Olympic Games soon, when his wife Xie Xingfang was pregnant, and Lin Dan was left with a wife, actress Lin Dan tryst, active embrace and intimate action. From the picture, two people are very familiar with. Lin Dan and mysterious woman affectionate hug hug. Xie Xingfang was pregnant at the time, and it was clear that the man was not his wife. Who in the end is it? It is reported that her name was Zhao Yaqi, Liaoning, graduated from the Law School of Zhongshan University, the Central Academy of Drama, mainland actress, model. In 2005 thirty-fourth the Miss intercontinental competition and won the second runner up of miss China. 2008 global tourism Miss contest judges. October 22nd won the Miss World pageant miss China Pageant in 2009. As everyone knows, Lin Dan and Xie Xingfang were called the "The legend of Condor Hero", was hailed as the sweetest and most happy family sports. Their son was born in November 5th. 1 Lin Dan in micro-blog news: "welcome you, Fangfang hard." He did not forget to put a picture of a family of three in micro-blog, it seems to be extremely happy. Now it seems that Lin Dan cheated the world. Do not look back, they had a vigorous love course. NO1: from 2003 Lin Dan began to chase Xie Xingfang, to the official public affair in 2004, has been 9 years. This love marathon can finally draw a satisfactory full stop. For 9 years this was also slightly astringent youth, has been transformed into a mature man and woman. NO:2:2007 years for them is of great significance, in that year’s all England Badminton Open, they both won. In March 11th Xie Xingfang won the award ceremony, dressed in casual Lin Dan walked up to the very bold send a kiss, let many girls envy, there is no doubt that the warmth of the scene has become one of the classic badminton history can not be copied. NO:3:2008 Lin Dan ushered in a peak of career, he won the coveted championship victory over Li Zongwei in the Beijing Olympic Games, since the super invincible dan. At the same time, Xie Xingfang also won the silver medal in women’s singles, although this result difficult than Indonesia’s Wei Renfang and Susi two gold medals, but the results have been extremely rare. NO:4: of course, Xie Xingfang was not satisfied with the Olympic silver medal, Olympic women’s singles finals after losing, than she broke out in the lounge to cry, accompanied by Lin Dan, she had a sad moment. After that, Lin Dan in the daily training has been encouraging Xie Xingfang to cheer up,.相关的主题文章: