Lighting display good feng shui home cancam

Good feng shui is Home Furnishing lighting put less points?? put Home Furnishing Feng Shui layout small furniture?? little home decoration may affect family luck, if the family is getting better, you have to pay attention to Home Furnishing display, small furniture can not let down! Part1: lighting decorative lighting home lighting should be noted that the lighting is essential furniture in the home, the role of the home decoration, furniture lighting should be how to decorate the home does not affect the Feng Shui? Look at it together. ??: do not put on the top of lighting distribution?? not in any position on the lighting device, because the lamp will shine with light, thermal polymerization, easy to make people Huo Sheng, is grumpy. The bed of the ceiling position as far as possible not to place light, especially the chandelier, because of lighting and the guest the nearer, the force is strong. The lighting pressure to the body which position, which means that the site is prone to pain. ?? Lighting shape: round the best?? with a sharp pointed toward paying strong lighting, if the occupant sitting place, but will lead to physical problems. The mirror has the opportunity to reflect the adverse landscape. In order to avoid the problem, or choose some round or smooth surface of the lampshade is wonderful. ?? Light color: warm and comfortable as the main color choice?? how many bulbs, with the only appropriate? In fact, each region of the United home color should be used to avoid the white one, the lights in the living room, the dining room has chosen the soft egg yellow. The color of living things are less uniform, less stable, easy to volatile fortunes. However, if the other rooms in the purchase of their own favorite light color, as long as the election of soft color is no problem. ?? The number: 2 and 5 light bulbs to avoid?? only to avoid as far as possible in the same area means 2 and 5 light bulbs can, because the two representatives of two black star disease. Five, on behalf of Wuhuang disaster, if you happen to have the same number of years or two in Wuhuang black star’s orientation on the bulb, I am afraid that it will improve if the power of. As for the number of bulbs rest without too much impact, but remember the light bulb, and heat is strong, some have suggested the use of lighting effects and low fire point [number], lest indoor anger too, affect health. ?? Part2: Home Furnishing essential shoe quality see feng shui?? many people are placed at the door at the entrance of love shoe or a feng shui layout is the most convenient family is two, and shoes. But the shoe of the Feng Shui Feng Shui and Home Furnishing are closely related. Location: 30-50cm???? the general family will be easily placed in the doorway, but for the free port Na narrow position, do not place furniture in the near gate 30 to 50cm, both must have enough space. In addition, reminded that in order to save and the gate is arranged at the rear end of the shoe, shoe even how thin body, will top the door, the door can not be so smooth opening and closing, so instead of narrowing Gate gas, affect the wealth. ?? Area neat: avoid evil smell?? from the outside into a pair of Home Furnishing, muddy shoes, arbitrarily placed on the entrance position, in addition to an unpleasant odor, it may cause the "taste of evil", so that occupants find it hard to concentrate, poor work performance. Plus-相关的主题文章: