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Arts-and-Entertainment An In-Depth Look At A Stunning Opera Since it’s premiere performance on the 1st February 1896 in Turin, Italy, La Boheme has be.e one of the most widely performed and well-loved operas worldwide. Within this article you will find the history, the origins, the roles, the acts and a guide to where you can see this masterpiece performed today. The History La Boheme is Puccini’s fourth opera and his most successful. It is based upon a series of short stories, "Scnes de la vie de bohme" by Henri Murger. It takes a playful, romanticized look at bohemian life in 1840s Paris. Set in the city’s Latin Quarter, it is semi-autobiographical. The short stories were so popular, they inspired two operas – both called La Boheme and released within a year of each other. Puccini’s was always the more successful, whereas Ruggero Leoncavallo’s 1897 version is not very well known in modern circles. As well as the two operas, the short stories inspired eight films and one musical. La Boheme’s creator Gia.o Puccini is considered by many to be the greatest .poser of Italian opera after Verdi. Born in 1858, in Tuscany, he .posed his first opera in 1884 (La Villi). La Boheme is his most successful and most popular work. Starting out with the traditional style of late-19th century romantic opera, he then went on to work in the verismo style – deemed more ‘realistic’. Although mainly known for his 10 operas, Puccini also wrote many pieces of sacred music, chamber music, orchestral pieces and songs for voice and piano. The Story Set in 1840s Paris, La Boheme follows a group of four bohemian friends and their adventures in love, work and life. Rodolfo is a writer, Marcello an artist, Colline a philosopher and Schaunard a musician. The opera is split into four acts, covering four time periods. The first introduces us to our four protagonists and Mimi, Rodolfo’s love interest. The second follows their night out in the Latin Quarter, buying items and going to a party – it also introduces Marcello’s love interest in the character of Musetta. Act three takes us into late February to see where our protagonists’ lives are taking them. The final act occurs some months later. A Once In A Lifetime Trip As one of the most popular operas of all time, La Boheme is performed worldwide to this day. Rather than heading down to your local theater in the rain – why not try something .pletely different? There is a new wave of popular weekends away aimed at groups of friends and team building packages focusing on culture and fine dining. These trips away now include private opera viewings – you and a group of your friends (or even your colleagues!) can be whisked away and get to enjoy the beautiful story and sounds of La Boheme without any interruptions. .bine this with visiting the birthplace of romance and star-crossed lovers in Verona, the pure beauty of the architecture in Florence or the historical capital city of Rome. Grab the chance to treat yourself to a once-in-a-lifetime trip to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: