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[King] wine Chateau premium Burgundy Pinot Noir red garden, limit the sale of 20 bottles of Burgundy wine to drink – Sohu local persistence can be said to be unique in the world, so the quality is Wine by vineyard quality classification: from low to high area (Regional), (Village), village level a garden (Premier Cru) (Grand Cru) and special garden. Super park is the highest grade Wine in Burgundy, located on top of the Pyramid, production accounted for only about 1% of the total output. However, in the 33 grade in the garden, there are various grades and ranks, among them, the most outstanding and most expensive super garden Rasmani? Kang Di (Romanee-Conti), Montrachet (Montrachet) and incense Beidan (Chambertin-Clos de Beze), shell etc.. For example, Le Chateau Beidan beJ flower fragrance garden premium Pinot Noir red (Domaine Leroy Chambertin-Clos de Beze Grand Cru) before the current international price up to 14633 yuan a bottle, is the most expensive one of France Wine. Even Napoleon, the first emperor of France, was also an ardent fan of the day, so it was also known as "the wine of kings"". Red wine encyclopedia launched in 2008, Yu winery gevrey Chambertin beJ super garden Pinot Noir red, 1 bottles of 1599 yuan, limit the sale of 20 bottles, SF or Debon shipping! Please press the following two-dimensional code, select the identification of two-dimensional code into the panic! Note: because this wine is expensive, does not support the return after delivery, please carefully orders, orders that said [buy] approval bar agreed this trading conditions. The following is the 2008 Chateau Palmer plume gevrey Chambertin beJ premium Pinot Noir Red Garden (Patrick Hudelot Chambertin-Clos de Beze Grand Cru) in detail. 1, fragrant Beidan beJ super Garden: the most famous garden of Burgundy super fragrant Beidan beJ super night – Qiurefulei park is located in Burgundy (Gevery Chambertin) gevrey Chambertin village. Gevrey – gevrey Chambertin and Vaughan Rasmani (Vosne-Romanee) – Mu Sydney and shampoo (Chambolle-Musigny) together known as "three burgundy". In all the extra – Xiang Bei gevrey Dancun garden, only incense Beidan Beirike "incense Beidan" on the front position, while the other 7 yuan premium can only be the name behind, thus gevrey Chambertin beJ is gevrey – fragrant top grade Dancun Bay Park, and even to with the Romani Park (Romanee-Conti) – Kande super match. The garden is located on gentle slopes, an area of 15.4 hectares, a total of 18 Garden owners, including the famous music, flowers and feather winery]相关的主题文章: