Kindle Dx Better Than I Thought!-tamiflu

Shopping-and-Product-Reviews This is my first Kindle DX . My husband bought for me. I love it! It ‘s bigger I thought it would, but I like it. Some have said that its too heavy to read in bed, but I discovered that it is not true for me. It ‘s much easier and more .fortable. My hands get tired trying to keep the books open, and trying to balance the books in hardcover in a heavier hand to turn the page. Kindle DX is more relaxing. I find it about as heavy as a magazine. The display is beautiful, I’ve never seen one before turning on (other than online photos) and I must say that I have never seen anything like it! It looks like a page of a book in a white frame. It seems so real that the first book I started reading I tried to turn the page like a book of paper … lol I made a couple of times. I find the keyboard a good job. I put down the Kindle DX type because it is easier for me to reach all the letters. But I have very small hands. When I put down I can type well. If you have a phone with a keyboard and can type on it, you can type on the light without much problem. My books in less than 60 seconds. I live in a basement apartment and our phones sometimes have trouble getting a good signal, so I thought that the Kindle DX would be the same. I did check the map to see if we cover where I live, and we do. The Kindle DX works better than our cell phones! I get full bar … I never thought I would, I thought I’d go out orders and more. I am impressed with your web browser, is slow .pared to your high speed connection, but fast for a mobile device. I have the web on my phone, so its nice to have access anywhere at any time and for free! I can not think of many things we could do better, there are a few things, folders for books n things .anized, there is a back button, but I have a button on, because sometimes the back button to return to the where you do not want to go. And … Even though I know that technology is not ready yet … Color would have so exaggerated. Who likes to read, wish to have this switch. I also want a case to put it in did not want to spend a lot on my case so I did. I took apart an old binder, took the cover and back, cut down, covered in fabric and elastic to hold it added. I managed to pass the time, started the day I ordered a Kindle DX and finished the day was delivered … kept my hands busy! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: