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Jincheng 3702 "Laolai" by the man is a woman three times disciplinary dishonesty yesterday, the highest law provides disciplinary sesame credit data show that: as of September 27th, sesame credit has "Laolai" punishment of more than 540 thousand people, more than 35000 people have to pay off the debt. Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Fujian by credit discipline "Laolai", because the number of credit discipline repayment "Laolai" number are among the top three. Over the past year, Tianjin has 3702 "Laolai" punishment. Sesame credit also announced the first domestic "Laolai" large image data. According to the data, as of the end of August this year, the national total limit "Laolai" train more than 155 times; flying more than 470 times; the national industry and commerce at all levels, market regulators to limit the debtor as the legal representative, directors, supervisors and a total of 66954 passengers. Sesame credit sources, from the gender perspective, the male "Laolai" Laolai "about" the total number of old Lai 3/4, is three times the female "Laolai". Look from the age distribution, the 40 year old to 49 year old middle-aged people are most likely to become "Laolai" into a credit crisis, accounting for 35%. High education does not mean high credit. Data show that, with a college degree "Laolai" accounted for 37.24% of the total, followed by undergraduate students, accounting for 33.36%, accounted for 25.15% of secondary school is again. Master "Laolai" accounted for 3.68%, while the overall, the base is small, but there are also 0.34%. In terms of geographical distribution, the eastern part of the "Laolai" number is higher than the western region. Some experts pointed out that this is because the eastern part of commercial activities more frequently, the public awareness of rights is also higher, so the number of cases, large base. For example, in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces each year, the number of economic disputes, debt disputes filed more than 1 million, while the western provinces generally maintained at about 200 thousand. (reporter Yue Fuyu)

津城3702名“老赖”被惩戒 男人失信是女人三倍   昨天,芝麻信用提供的最高法惩戒数据显示:截至9月27日,芝麻信用已惩戒“老赖”超过54万人,35000多人因此还清债务。其中浙江、江苏、福建受到信用惩戒的“老赖”数量、因信用惩戒还款的“老赖”数量均位居前三。一年来,天津共有3702名“老赖”被惩戒。芝麻信用还公布了国内首份“老赖”大数据画像。   根据最高法数据,截至今年8月底,全国共限制“老赖”乘坐列车155万余次;乘坐飞机470万余次;全国各级工商、市场监管部门依法限制失信被执行人担任法定代表人、董事、监事等共计66954人次。   芝麻信用方面透露,从“老赖”的性别比例来看,男性“老赖”约占“老赖”总人数的四分之三,是女性“老赖”的三倍。从年龄分布看,40岁至49岁的中年人最容易陷入信用危机成为“老赖”,占35%。高学历也并不等于高信用。数据显示,拥有大专学历的“老赖”占总数的37.24%,其次是本科生,占比33.36%,再次是中专占25.15%。硕士“老赖”占3.68%,博士虽然整体基数小,不过也有0.34%。   从地域分布看,东部地区的“老赖”人数高于西部地区。有专家分析指出,这是因为东部地区商事活动更频繁,民众维权意识水平也更高,所以案件数量多基数大。比如,江浙地区每年关于经济纠纷、债务纠纷的立案数量在100万以上,而西部省份普遍维持在20万左右。(记者 岳付玉)相关的主题文章: