Jinan eat at least 3 million pounds of moon cake Mid Autumn Festival sexhu

Jinan mid autumn eat at least 3 million pounds of moon cake in Ji’nan City Food Industry Association Secretary General Liu Qingnian introduced, according to the calculation of one of the two cakes, Jinan Mid Autumn Festival will eat at least 3 million pounds of moon cake, moon cake and seventy or eighty per cent of these local manufacturers. The moon cake is the biggest production of Shandong Guangzhou Food Co. Ltd., this year about the production of 800 thousand pounds. "The production of more than last year, launched a new variety, xylitol moon cakes." Liu Qingnian said. Shandong Beijing Guangzhou Food Co., responsible person Mr. Qu introduced this year production, the yield is 30% new varieties of traditional cakes, there are about 30% of the yield. Reporters learned that, at present, the company is rare in Ji’nan, go out moon cake brand in Xinjiang, Guangzhou, Henan, Gansu and other places have sales. "This year opened up Guangdong Guangzhou, Jiangsu and Fujian market, so sales can increase. Ji’nan has been reduced to 5%." Liu Qingnian, Jin Deli, Kang, daoxiangyuan, Yi Hua Sheng is the local moon old brand, the former two appeared from late 80s. "Daoxiangyuan Soviet style five Jen moon cake is the most characteristic of popular love, jinan. This year also launched a Beijing style five Ren moon cake. April grape soft Econazole is representative of Lu style moon cakes, the annual output can reach 550 thousand pounds, Jin Deli and bean stuffing Zaoni moon cake is very good. Ji’nan Huasheng food factory main type five moon cake. Shengkang moon cake mainly in the supermarket, and Kang Wang food factory moon cake production is not low, mainly to OEM production." These larger yield relatively well-known manufacturers of moon cake accounted for half of the local market in Ji’nan, the other half is small factories, small workshops and some pastry shop site selling. Liu Qingnian said, the site and the moon because there is no freight costs, so the price is lower, there are no small market. Before the moon cake sales accounted for 2/3 of the annual sales of these cakes, moon cake sell well, one year without worry. But now, down to about 1/3, the profits of the cake fell." Liu Qingnian said. Qilu Evening News · Qilu correspondent Wang Huang相关的主题文章: