Jiaxing listed companies increased by an average of 327 million yuan this year, the average market v roxane hayward

Jiaxing listed companies this year increased the average market capitalization of 327 million yuan in our city the first three new board business value of the forum, gathered in Jiaxing three new board companies, investment institutions, securities firms, government departments and more than 180 guests, the scene "sword" in the city of three new board of the new policy, discuss the hot topics of the new third board market, listed mining enterprise investment potential. City finance office listed the relevant responsible person said, the new board of great significance to the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in our city, hopes to promote interaction between government and investment institutions, financial institutions, intermediary service organizations and enterprises in the forum for innovation and innovative enterprises to get more support, to further stimulate the real economy of our city vitality. The new third market was the explosive growth of the reporter learned from the forum, with the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy, enterprises in our city and the capital of the "marriage" has become more and more frequent, as an important link to further promote the industrial structure transformation. Jiaxing attaches great importance to the construction of a multi-level capital market, has introduced the "Jiaxing to further strengthen the work of listed companies and listed companies to support the development of a number of opinions" and a series of policy documents, on the one hand the restructuring of enterprises standardization, on the one hand listed, and achieved good results, the county (city, district) combined with the specific circumstances of the introduction of the corresponding supporting measures, get a positive response from the enterprise. Data show that, at present, the city of Jiaxing has 43 domestic and foreign listed companies, including listed companies in the country, as of September 30th, the city’s total market capitalization of listed companies reached 312 billion 101 million yuan. According to this year’s three quarterly disclosure of data, the city’s total assets of Listed Companies in the territory of 30 yuan to reach $225 billion 997 million, 1~9 month net profit of $5 billion 538 million, is an important force in the economic development of our city. As a gathering of small and medium private enterprises, the city’s new three board market is developing rapidly, as of October 2016, the city a total of 61 new board listed companies. Among them, in 2016 1~10 months, the city added three new board listed companies amounted to 37, more than 2014, the total number of Listed Companies in 2015. 61 listed companies in the city for a total of three years of additional financing of a total of 1 billion 443 million times a total of $32. According to Wande statistics, as of June 2016, the city’s new board of the total market capitalization of listed companies reached 18 billion 980 million yuan, the average corporate market value reached 327 million yuan, ranked the first in the whole province, net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company’s total year-on-year growth of 29.72%, 5.06 percentage points higher than the province. The capital market to promote rapid growth of emerging industry transformation and upgrading of the real economy thanks to the capital under the catalysis of Jiaxing, strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing industry has been growing in recent three years the average annual growth rate reached 11.8%, 11.5% and 11%. 1~8 months of this year, increase the city’s strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries and equipment manufacturing value were 36 billion 720 million yuan, 42 billion 430 million yuan, 26 billion 40 million yuan, an increase of 6.4%, 9.6% and 11.7% respectively, accounting for the city’s regulation of the proportion of industrial added value was 37.7%, 43.6% and 26.8% respectively, accounted for an increase of 8.相关的主题文章: