Istanbul A Study In

Travel-and-Leisure Istanbul is truly a city of different ages and cultures. Alongside thoroughly modern architectural structures – such as active nightclubs, state-of-the-art museums, high-rise buildings, sprawling shopping centres, and the best Istanbul hotels – are historic buildings and landmarks that transport visitors through time. In fact, this UNESCO World Heritage City is known to some as the city of three empires, with centuries-old architecture and a highly diverse population and culture stemming from both European and Asian influences. Topkapi Palace For a real insight into Istanbuls history, every visitor should head straight to Topkapi Palace after checking into one of the best Istanbul hotels. Serving as the formal residence of the sultans of the Ottoman Empire for more than four hundred years (14651853), this immense cultural monument draws hundreds of visitors each day. The grand palace, with its chambers, courtyards, mosques, and gardens overlooking the Bosphorus, is truly a marvel of architecture, and its collection of artwork and relics are sure to engage your interest from the moment you set foot within its walls. In addition, the palace enjoys a long and colourful history, being the setting of many historical and legendary works – such as Mozarts The Abduction from the Seraglio and Jules Dassins 1963 film Topkap. Basilica Cistern Another of the oldest must-see attractions of the city is the Basilica Cistern, which is only a short walk away from many of the best Istanbul hotels. Dating back from the 6th century, this subterranean structure by Emperor Justinian (who also built the Hagia Sophia, one of the largest and oldest cathedrals in the world) is a wonder of architectural design, holding hundreds of receptacles built to collect and store rainwater. With its soft lighting and beautiful fish enclosed in the water in the bases of the 336 columns that support the ceiling, this attraction is a favourite romantic meeting spot for lovers, as well as a great way to escape the sun and heat in the summer. Galata Tower Galata Tower, a cylindrical medieval stone fortress, is one of the best places to view the city. Originally built in 1348 as a sentry tower to guard the city, this tower was the highest point in the city for centuries. The tower has survived several earthquakes and enemy attacks that have seen many other structures fall. Rebuilt and fortified over the years, it now serves as an important landmark and one of the city’s most popular attractions. Taksim Square If youre in the mood to return to the 21st century, Taksim Square and its surrounding areas, where you can find the best Istanbul hotels, marks the centre of modern Istanbul. Spend your days shopping in the high-end shops on Isiklal Caddesi, then party through the night on the streets or in its many rooftop bars for an unbeatable view of the city. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: