Is The Hope Diamond For The World To Admire But Not For One Person To Enjoy-mmhouse

Business People are instantly dazzled at the beauty of nature’s ability to create wonderful stones like the world’s famous blue diamond. The elegant and stunning Hope diamond is one of the world’s best creations, but this gem is not for personal collection by an avid collector. Some reports in the past state that; owning this rare blue diamond will only give the owner mishaps and unwanted incidents in his life including his loved ones. Moreover, the vibrant blue colour of the Hope diamond represents a lonely and calm aura, which gives people the notion of leaving it alone for everybody to only take a look at it. The last person to own the beautiful diamond was Evalyn Walsh Mclean who purchased it from world-renown jeweller Pierre Cartier. She tried very hard to put an end to the curse of the diamond by using it as a good luck charm. She wore it all the time as a pendant for her necklace that even when she needed a goiter operation, it still took a lot of persuading from her doctor to take it off. Needless to say, she was very attached to the diamond. Even if she insisted that the Hope diamond was her good luck charm, Mclean, like the previous owners of the jewel, also suffered tremendous losses which revived the belief that the beautiful blue stone truly was cursed. Mclean’s first born son died in a car accident at a tender age of nine, and later on, she lost another child — her daughter, who took her own life at the age of twenty-five. The series of bad luck continued when her husband was declared insane and had to be taken to a mental asylum where he stayed until his death. Mclean still wanted to keep the jewel in her family despite everything that had happened, but after her demise, the Hope Diamond was sold to settle the debts her estate had accrued in the winter of her life. Another famous jeweller took hold of the Hope Diamond; Harry Winston purchased it in 1949 and allowed the diamond to be worn at balls and galas to raise money for charity. However, he didn’t keep hold of it for long; many believed he was afraid of the negative history of the jewel so he donated it to the Smithsonian Institution. Winston’s decision is proving to be the smartest one; with the jewel in the possession of a national museum, more people can marvel at its spectacular beauty without getting trapped into the "curse" it supposedly brings. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: