IPad pro and mini air dominate the political arena – Digital Sohu will no longer fear 3u8895

IPad Pro and Mini Air dominate the political arena will no longer fear – Sohu digital   analysts Guo Mingchi has publicly said that Apple may make a great change in the iPad product line in the next year, which increased 10.5 inch iPad  Pro will be out of the ordinary, because Apple hopes through 10.5 inches version of the iPad  Pro and Google Chrome competition; products in the field of education. The product form of future iPad series of apple (source: The      Verge) recently broke the news from the industry chain seems to once again proved this point of view, and the industrial chain broke seems to herald the next year will be a turning point in the history of apple and the innovation of the year, 8 new iPad , iPhone  Pro; the product will come out.     but the analysis of industry chain news with Guo Mingchi before slightly different, Apple will release 3 new iPad  in the general conference tomorrow March; Pro product dimensions are 12.9 inches, 10.9 inches and 7.9 inches, 10.9 inches and the current version of the 9.7 inch version of the iPad  Pro shell in the same size; that is only adjusted in the border width, a higher proportion of the screen.     if the news is true, it means that apple iPad  Air and iPad  series; Mini series will be replaced by iPad  Pro, the earlier rumors that Apple will integrate the iPad line message agree without prior without previous consultation.相关的主题文章: