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Inventory DNF class appointment worth practicing the role of my red God actually not? [Abstract] the outsider revision also did not take long, as the new revision also came, the National Day activities have started, and a wave of practicing trumpet rhythm, here are those worth practicing occupation ~ level appointment activities will soon be on the line, here I recommend to you some of today’s version is worth the occupation training, I hope everyone can help to quickly complete the activities. 1 male street fighter abnormal revision, makes the horizontal groove began to rise, after the revision will now flow plane horizontal groove compared to greatly enhance the trust, after the revision of the occupation will become very hot, students can take advantage of a variety of activities, catch the first practice in a version of the previous. 2 flowers because some flower to demand is very high, and the auxiliary flowers into the group the demand is also very easy to reach, all the students in the activities performed at the same time, can also have a play group role is not shoot two hawks with one arrow? But I do not do the flowers leveling tucao… 3 Asura ghosts of the old occupation League, the threshold is low, a relic of the bricks is also very easy, the basic roller leveling process, to easily complete the activities of the students can consider doing an Asura, if not for investment group, buy a relic can crush the white figure, easy to move brick. 4 also can easily joined the devil may cry as a secondary occupation, of course, version of the heat is very large, the leveling process hematemesis, but can not do what you can quickly find the investment group, but that will soon be cut with a knife… Mission requirements will be higher, we do not practice can do a full consideration. 5 male Qigong and also known as the white Xiuluo graph king, for the white figure super high pressure roller leveling, easy, after the fake pig set out in addition to SS and this has provided a new way to cultivate into play group role requires a certain investment, but usually very easy to move bricks. 6 ho leveling without pressure, heard that weapons can do wear it can damage the holy explosion, magnificent skills, recently seen a lot of brain and brain without blowing black, it also let me raise the interest of this occupation, that does not need to join the League of equipment is very good, the students can also consider occupation. 7 cases of a sword play very high occupation, many schools are different, play a lot, proficient in a variety of weapons, skills cool, because of the passive reason, skills fluency is very high, for the love of various switching weapons play game player, this occupation is the best choice. A daimon call the Department of 8 chaotic occupation, but also solid occupation injury, leveling easily, a false purple can crush the white figure, now this occupation strong duck flow, does not require a large investment to join the league, and various control skills, skills gorgeous, is a very high playability of the occupation. For this event, I would recommend to you these occupations, most of which are highly playable occupation, of course, also cited the two for the group of secondary vocational support. In short, here I just recommend to you, you also have their own players want to play a career, we can decide according to their own needs. Finally, I hope this article can help you choose the trumpet occupation.相关的主题文章: