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Instrumental teacher Finger signed I want to do what? – Beijing, Beijing, August 31,   the day before, "pocket instrument teacher" Finger App officially announced the "missing you" and singing popular network Malaysia singer Zhu Zhuai (clover) reached a cooperation, and jointly promote the popularity of online video teaching instrument "ukulele" at home. This is also the first time Finger App cross-border cooperation with the performing arts. And the other by the famous "Red Net live", from Malaysia to Zhuai Zhu song to sing the song "I miss you" popular in the network, youth, and lively girl temperament, careful and hard-working public image, make it popular with domestic fans of all ages love. For most music lovers, Zhu Zhuai similar, is the pursuit of dreams, silently practicing and simply playing the young people. Finger App would like to cross this cooperation, to attract more fans to join such instruments, to enjoy the joy of musical instruments. A musical instrument, a few meal time can learn to love the LORD according to the introduction, Zhu settled in Finger App, and upload video, and musical instruments piano enthusiasts exchange experience, and the embodiment of instrumental teacher, through online video personally teach their own "artifact" — ukulele playing skills. In addition to Jo Kerry Lee, the "pocket instrument teacher" Finger App also covers the folk guitar, vocal, electric guitar, piano, drums, and other instruments of macro card free online teaching, all of this is a professional system of musical instrument teaching course. In Finger App, music lovers can choose one or more instruments according to their own preferences, choose the difficulty level courses in the enjoyment of the beauty of musical instruments at the same time, improve their level of playing the musical instrument. Finger App systematic introductory course, can make a zero based musical instrument white with a few meals time to quickly master the rudiments of musical instruments, and through the study, get the fun of playing songs. Finger App has launched the online video teaching instrument, thanks to the community atmosphere good playing musical instruments, many musicians in their video Finger App upload, users can watch the video and performing musicians, and dialogue. A private letter can be a musician friend of many musical lovers, extraordinary appeal! Why choose to work with young singers? In 1997, Zhu Zhuai from Malaysia, looks sweet and pure, with "missing you", has become the new generation of singing songs of the Indoorsman goddess, and participated in the variety show "the greatest hero in the world", and show a jikejuan escape together as Lee Hom ace. Lee Hom once praised "Zhu Zhuai is a new generation of youth idol, she is strong, while affirming the Zhuai Zhu sweet temperament and musical instruments playing idol’s strength. Finger App to choose from the Zhuai Zhu, she recognized in the instrument and strength, and enjoy the simple beauty, simple and straightforward character. Pro"相关的主题文章: