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If there is suffering from disease ridden when recite the mantra of Medicine Buddha pharmacists (map): the right party mantra "pharmacists Buddhist collection" in ten from "little curse of Bhaishajyaguru is willing to merit by this". Often chanting this mantra, death can be reborn in the pure land glass world, there are eight Bodhisattvas escorted to the western Elysian Fields. We can live a long and healthy life, this mantra is Willard, if able to recite the mantra of pharmacists can eliminate the pain, prolong life. By the words: "Mansfield shri! If you see a man with a woman suffering from disease, should one, for those patients, often clean rinse bath, or food, or drugs, or pest free water. Mantra one hundred and eighty times, and that as I shall destroy all the pain. If required, Zhigang chanting, as all is, no disease sickness. After death, born in this world, do not turn back, and even the bodhi". This in this answer if the self taught people to recite, if, all disaster blessing also. Pharmacists practicing reading initiation mantra, can pull all karma, to maintain mental health, so avoid calamity, but no amount of suffering, on site. Many people have heard of the Medicine Buddha the special merit, the pharmacist practice is based on the classic translation of "master Tang Xuanzang Bhaishajyaguru is willing to merit by this". In this sutra, Buddha Shakya Muni introduced a pharmacist Buddha, Buddha twelve great vows of sentient beings. The discovery of many misfortunes and life extension of. The net and Oriental glazed world special purpose, method and practice of pharmacists twelve heavenly generals, vowed to guard in front of the Buddha, so practicing pharmacists practice, pharmacists can get not only the three statues of Buddha’s blessing, but also by the twelve heavenly generals nursing concept, rapid induction. Not all the suffering from disease by Medicine Buddha evil ridden, to destroy all beings of light, distressed topknot samadhi, the earth shook, Xuan said pharmacist curse, if our pure heart, CI min heart, with a cup of clean water in front of the Buddha, read 108 times Medicine Buddha mantra to the patient will be drinking, early relief of disease bitter. If you can read this mantra every day, can destroy the evil and suffering. If you are sick ridden, especially in the world of the five turbidities, people suffering from the disease from many diseases, ignorance of plagues, if the hair clean heart, recite the Medicine Buddha mantra, even repentance, vegetarian, blessing was a double effect. Can read and namo Bhaishajyaguru st, if you can visualize the statue, no merit, all practice pharmacists mantra, physical and mental freedom, performed satisfactorily. Attached: a mó bó n pharmacists curse; qié fá dì. Pí SH shè. Jù l bì liú lí at sea;. Bhagava Te Nanmo. Sheath kill agency. This rustic Xue B only lá pó glass;. Hé là shé y. Dá Tu only Ji Du only y. Po La bowl. Inspection also drink. But he also uncovered a là H dì. A n s Mi o s n b& million.相关的主题文章: