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Womens-Issues No one wants for unwanted growth by gaining more weight and weakness in their body. Many people having these kinds of problems. Some think that they are not taking too much spicy and not eating more food but still their weight gains and not decreases. As they have no knowledge about this that why they are suffering from this. Some are caused by the problem Hypothyroidism. Its a situation when thyroid glands are not creating according to the need of the body thyroid hormones. If thyroid hormones are stop to create then affect on your daily work operations of the day as you feel weakness, joint pains and excessive weight gain. The reason about this is thyroxine hormones supports you to regulate your body and helps to gain more energy. When they are stop to create then your body cant take sufficient energy that it need. Then obvious these problems will be occurred. Thyroid glands found in the front neck below the voice lobes and one side of the windpipe. These are the specialized cell that makes our hormones to give energy to our body. So these hormones are very essential for our body. If you have these kinds of problems you must have to go for checkup and take the treatment. Sofat Hospital is one of the finest hospital for treating these kinds of problem. Dr. Sumita Soft is the best doctors. She gives personal attention to their patients and expert in treating Hypothyroidism problem. She is also expert in treating endometriosis. Do you know what it is? Endometriosis is a very painful disease occurs in the outside the uterus of the woman. More women are affected from this disease. This disease occurs when endoterium tissue is found outer from the uterus-generally it is in the fallopian tubes and on the ovaries that supports to uterus. Very less they are found in the other locations of the body. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: