Hurricane Winston to Fiji 29 people died, multinational aid arrived in succession – Sohu

Hurricane Winston caused Fiji killed 29 people have arrived in the multinational aid – Sohu news news agency in Beijing on 23 February,   news: Fiji Suva; official media said 23, hurricane Winston has confirmed killed at least 29 people were killed in fiji. Multinational aid arrived one after another, disaster relief and reconstruction work gradually unfolded. According to New Zealand radio news, the evening of 22 local time, Fiji government spokesman Palin announced that hurricane Winston has killed at least 29 people were killed. Palin says the wind of Winston will continue to grow, and has not yet been able to get in touch with some of the affected areas on the island. Fiji Broadcasting Corporation quoted the head of the National Disaster Management Office of Fiji, said that 21 people were seriously injured in the hurricane disaster, there are still more than 8400 people in the country evacuated in the emergency evacuation center, the victims need water, food and other supplies. Because the statistics are not complete, the number of victims may rise further. The Guardian newspaper reported earlier that "Winston" swept the Fiji sea on the evening of 20 this month, reaching the highest level of tropical storm 5, and the maximum wind speed was more than 300 kilometers per hour. This is the strongest storm ever hit the southern hemisphere, the report said. The Fijian government announced that the country would enter a 30 day natural disaster. The armed police and other relevant departments have been mobilized to participate in disaster relief and reconstruction, and special bank accounts have been opened to receive donations from all walks of life. The United Nations began to assess the disaster situation in Fiji, in order to better guide the international community to help. The United Nations Coordinator in Fiji says the aerial photos of the affected areas in Fiji are heartbreaking. He also said that the disaster, Fiji needs a long time to recover. At present, many countries, including China, have offered a helping hand to fiji. Chinese news website of the Ministry of Commerce said, according to the Fiji suffered disaster, the Ministry of commerce is proposing to provide emergency humanitarian assistance to the scheme. Guyu China charge d’affaires Embassy in Fiji on 22 Fiji Red Cross to Chinese Red Cross donated $100 thousand for emergency humanitarian assistance. New Zealand’s Ministry of Defense said 23 local time, the New Zealand Royal Air Force’s C-130 transport aircraft has been affected by the "Winston" Fiji victims transported 12 tons of relief supplies. Australia, the United States, India and other countries have said they will provide relief aid to fiji. 飓风“温斯顿”致斐济29人遇难 多国援助相继抵达-搜狐新闻  中新社北京2月23日电  苏瓦消息:斐济官方媒体23日称,飓风“温斯顿”已确认造成斐济至少29人遇难。多国援助相继抵达,赈灾和重建工作逐步展开。  据新西兰广播电台消息,当地时间22日晚,斐济政府发言人佩林宣布,飓风“温斯顿”已造成至少29人遇难。佩林表示“温斯顿”的风力或将继续加剧,至今仍未能与岛上的一些受灾地区取得联系。  斐济广播公司援引斐济国家灾害管理办公室负责人的介绍称,有21人在此次飓风灾害中受重伤,全国范围内仍有超过8400人在紧急疏散中心避难,灾民急需饮用水、食物等物资。由于统计尚不完全,遇难人数有可能进一步上升。  英国《卫报》此前报道称,“温斯顿”本月20日晚间横扫斐济,达到热带风暴最高级别5级,最大风速超过每小时300公里。报道指出,这也是有史以来袭击南半球的最强风暴。斐济政府连夜宣布国家进入为期30天的自然灾害状态。当局已动员军警和其他相关部门参与救灾和重建,还特别开立了银行账户,用于接收社会各界捐赠的赈灾款。  联合国方面开始评估斐济灾情,为更好地引导国际社会进行援助作准备。联合国驻斐济协调员表示,斐济受灾地区的航拍照片令人心碎。他还称,受此次灾难影响,斐济需要很长时间恢复。  目前,包括中国在内的多个国家相继向斐济伸出援手。中国商务部网站消息称,针对斐济遭遇的风灾,商务部正在研拟向其提供紧急人道主义援助的方案。中国驻斐济大使馆临时代办谷雨22日向斐济红十字会转交了中国红十字会捐赠的10万美元紧急人道主义援助。  新西兰国防部当地时间23日称,新西兰皇家空军的C-130运输机已向受“温斯顿”影响的斐济灾民运送了12吨救灾物资。澳大利亚、美国、印度等国已表示将向斐济提供赈灾援助。相关的主题文章: