Humen man to buy a car to open 7 hours on the bad can only open (video)-rainism

Humen’s car broke open 7 hours only "backwards" to replace the car owners refused 4S shop said the fault by the wave box computer module data does not match the trigger does not reach the standard to the new car only lasted 7 hours will appear gearbox fault. Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liu Manyuan photo coverage) "to spend 184 thousand and 500 yuan to buy a new car out of the garage of Beijing modern Tucson, there is wave box failure in less than 7 hours, the car can reverse, but not moving forward, but to ask the 4S shop to repair back." Yesterday, in Humen Shajiao plant Mr Leung said, after maintenance, fault elimination, he for security reasons, 4S shop to transfer, but was refused. 4S shop responded that did not give Leung change, because of the fault of the car to replace the car did not reach the national vehicle "three packs of" the provisions of the standard. Owner: car before opening 7 hours on the bad yesterday morning, reporters at the Beijing Hyundai Guangtai special sales and service shop (hereinafter referred to as the "great 4S shop") to see the car deck sir, he told reporters, September 13th at 3 pm, he spent 184 thousand and 500 yuan on Guangtai 4S shop and bought a 1.6T Tucson car, then the new car from Humen to Liaobu, 10 o’clock that night back to Humen. To his surprise, just as he was ready to drive home from the center of the town of Humen, the new car is out of order – only reversing, unable to move forward. He call the Guangtai 4S shop, the store sent technical personnel to the scene. However, after the arrival of technical personnel, to scene to detect and eliminate the faults, finally had to get the car back to the trailer, Guangtai 4S shop maintenance. Mr Leung said, then went to the trailer staff said that he bought this car has been more than his a similar fault, the staff has been dragged several vehicles of similar fault car. The second day, Mr. Leung received Guangtai 4S shop customer service service telephone staff, told him the car has been repaired, the fault has been lifted. He came to see Guangtai 4S shop, the relevant person in charge of the store. The person in charge explained to him that his new car failure is not serious, because the car wave box computer module data mismatch caused by. After the problem was discovered, it took less than 15 minutes for the technician to get rid of the vehicle. In this regard, Mr. Leung said he could not accept to Guangtai raised 4S shop to replace a new car, the store refused. Subsequently, he proposed that Guangtai 4S shop guarantee to ensure the write, the car does not appear similar fault again; if fails again, promised to replace the car. In this regard, Guangtai 4S stores said "can not do". "They are not willing to replace the new car for me, I can not guarantee that there will be no similar failure, I certainly do not dare to drive home. Such a car in the high-speed road failure, it is not terrible?" Mr Leung said. 4S shop: failure did not reach for new standards for this thing he encountered, expressed regret Guangtai 4S Shop Sales Department Sales Manager Pan Jianfeng. However, he said, the emergence of similar failures of the vehicle, the store is currently only one case. Pan Jianfeng said, they have repeatedly communicate with Mr. Liang, but failed to reach the car due to the failure of Mr. Liang is more difficult to state the car three guarantees provided相关的主题文章: