How To Attract Women – Tips To Read A Womans Body

Dating Female body language is one of the least talked about aspects and yet, most confusing part of trying to figure out how to attract women. Look, if you are going to be very successful when it comes to picking up or attracting women, then you DO need to be able to read a woman’s body language. You don’t want to get caught up trying to make your move on a woman that is showing clear signs that she does not want to be approached at all, do you? You might be thinking that you are going to have to dig through textbooks to really get a hang on reading a woman’s body language. However, with the right pointers, you can start to pick up some clear signs to look for, and that will help you to be able to read a woman much better than most men ever could. Here are some more tips on on how to read a woman’s body language: 1. You have to look for universal signs that she is showing. Unless you already know her or have been around her a lot, then it is going to be hard to get a real baseline reading to know the little intricacies to her unique body language. So, you might as well just toss that idea out the window. However, there are many universal signs that you can look for that should be able to really give you a much more accurate take on what her body language is revealing. 2. To read a woman’s body language, you need to pay attention to her reactions. Let’s say that you kind of have your eye on a woman already. And you see that another guy is approaching her. Now, is the time that you want to really pay attention. See what he is doing and how she is reacting to it. If he seems to be making all of the right moves, and she is not really being open to him, take that as a sign that tonight is just not the night to approach her. If she is warm, but still turns him away, then you can take a guess that she just did not like his game, and you can come in and do a better job. 3. Your body language can change her reaction. Let’s say that she does seem a little on the frigid side. Well, if you are not making it seem like you are open to her, then what would you expect her reaction to be. You need to make sure that you are not just trying to get a read on her, but you are also sending her the right signals as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: