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How many men need to create sperm, baby? – Sohu maternal medals I have half, there are half of you. Good pregnant women have merit, also have half, half of the men, but personally, also need to produce healthy sperm. However, with the acceleration of the pace of society, many men will not be able to get from the heart, in which sperm production problems become a man can not say the secret". As we all know, too little sperm is one of the main causes of infertility, but few people know that too much sperm is not a good thing. Similarly, the phenomenon of excessive sperm in normal men, in fact, is one of the problems of sperm quality, there is no problem in this regard, the father may have to pay attention to. Sperm production more reproductive capacity is stronger?! some people think that the more the better man’s sperm production, which represents his reproductive ability, this is completely mistaken, if sperm counts more than normal! The highest value (about more than 100 million), even more than 1-2 times (> 300 million ml), is also a problem of sperm quality. Men’s egg space is limited, if sperm activity more, smaller space, crowded life will not only affect the viability of sperm, sperm and all too much, there might be some hormone disorders, so that the number of sperm is not a high quality. This is also the main cause of infertility caused by too much sperm. Warm tip, if sperm count more than 300 million ml per milliliter, should go to the hospital to check whether suffering from prostatitis. Spermacrasia, beware of azoospermia infested spermacrasia called oligospermatism, generally divided into idiopathic oligozoospermia, idiopathic oligospermia and secondary oligospermia. The idiopathic oligospermatism approximately to the total population of about 6 as infertility. Causes of oligospermia is relatively complex: such as a large number of long-term androgen injection, due to the negative feedback of hypothalamic gonadotropin releasing hormone decrease caused by gonadotropin secretion decreased, causing sperm decrease or lack of drug effect, can directly or indirectly affect sperm days, such as sulfa drugs, nitrofurantoin, spironolactone, cyclophosphamide, ammonia a pterin, colchicine irradiation, the sperm cell division delay or stop. At the same time, overheating inhibits the survival and maturation of sperm, which may lead to a reduction in the number of sperm in semen or decreased activity. Among them, the most concern is azoospermia. Refers to the azoospermia after centrifugation semen by microscope, and found no signs of sperm. The cause of azoospermia is due to the decline of life fire or congenitally deficient, acquired disorders, lack of blood source makes spermatozoon caused difficult to survive. Prepare pregnant sperm, in the end how much is appropriate? In normal men of childbearing age, each injection volume of 1.5 ml to 5 ml per milliliter, almost 200 thousand to 100 million sperm, of which more than 70% belong to the normal sperm, the sperm with normal morphology, viability and normal normal chromosome. Such sperm through their own efforts with the help of external forces, to reach the fallopian tube, and ultimately there is a sperm to complete the task of combining with the egg. So there’s a lot of sperm on the way to the egg.相关的主题文章: