How A Tour To Africa Turned To Unexpected Marriage

Home-and-Family Maria was enjoying the breath-taking view of Cape Town from the balcony. What an unexpected situation, she thought. Who can ever imagine that in so far away land, in South Africa, her life will take a new turn. After getting divorced from her alcoholic husband and after the scandals and squabbles that she found so hard to bear, she had decided to invest in a private holiday to get away from it all. This was how she ended up here, at the Earth’s edge: South Africa… Hiring an apartment in one of the villas on the coast had been remarkably straightforward and actually quite fun. While admiring fantastic view and fresh sea air, Maria began to think about the owner of the villa. His outer appearance was nothing to write home about, but what a character he had! Maria was not used to this type of attitude. He approached her as delicately as though he was holding a fragile vase from the time of the ancient Chinese emperors and had a gleeful look in his eyes that showed no hint of lust or judgement. No doubt this was how he looked on all foreign visitors and also at the stars… he was called Ashvin, a very pleasant sounding name. "Madam, wake up!" – a hand gently touched her shoulder – "it’s time for supper, madam…" Ashvin’s dark eyes seemed to be filled with gold that gently glistened in the light and Maria’s heart quickened and felt as though it were on fire. Oh, what a holiday this was! The town had begun to blossom as though it were a flower. Maria was not very interested in shopping malls, she preferred to enjoy untouched african nature, sand beach, warm waves of ocean and stunning gardens. Maria had a special passion for ocean, powerful waves and sea birds. She loved to go for a run in the mornings when it seemed as though the whole town was brimming with a wonderful zest for life. The delightful, widely ramified palm trees and the seals that quietly rested on the shore, the magical oceanarium, the ancient mosques, the exotic eastern bazaars; Maria loved all of it. And, of course, Ashvin. Before Maria was planning to leave, he said to her.. "I am a well-known person here, Maria. The rent brings in a good in.e and I can afford many things in life….. But I don’t have the most important – I don’t have family, I am not married. Now I am double sure – this is because it was in my destiny to meet you, Maria. You are my destiny! Can I humbly ask you to marry me." He opened a tiny box and there, in a dark velvety box, sat a blue sapphire ring whose watery stones glistened as if they had been formed from the ocean itself… About the Author: 相关的主题文章: