Homemade Hawthorn jam – childhood memories – Sohu eat and drink hamimelon

Homemade Hawthorn jam – childhood memories – Sohu and hawthorn fruit harvest season, remember the old house with a hawthorn tree, each of the season, the children will pick some bite to eat, sweet and sour, people will pick back dry preparation, and other family members have to take some soup to drink when the digestion is not good or bad appetite, stomach immediately. My mother is the most love to eat it fresh, a red lantern like red, so in our table on the temptation to us. Sometimes the mother bought a lot, at the ripe rot is a pity, but when she is not think can Aochu Hawthorn sauce taste? Static sector cloud intelligent bread machine, not only can make bread, also can make ice cream, do so can make jam dried meat floss,. The sweet and sour sauce to taste slowly, long preserved, keep the flavor taste, collocation on bread, greasy appetizers and materials: fresh Hawthorn 500 grams of sugar 250 grams 200 grams of pure water lemon a practice: 1, hawthorn 2, then cut to the core with food machine by adding pure water play results mud (can be granular, so do the sauce taste better) 3, into the bread machine 4, sugar 5, squeeze the lemon juice 6, bread machine selection of fancy jam, time is 80 minutes, see the thick it tips puree can be beaten into granular, like sauce taste better相关的主题文章: