Hit Beijing premiere champion gathered Wang Sen I played is the Bao Chunlai huangshexiaoshuo

Click the "war" champion Wang Sen gathered in Beijing Premiere: I play the Bao Chunlai Tencent entertainment news September 12th, the mainland’s first film "strikes" hot blooded badminton premiere in Beijing, Lin Dan, Chen long, Olympic champion Fu Haifeng surprise help a friend Bao Chunlai, causing the sensation. As his first film work, Bao Chunlai broke his own speech is "the story of Lin Dan, the actor who plays Wang Sen Hao Lei said his play is actually Bao Chunlai. Wang Sen praised Bao Chunlai: hard badminton details of his professional domestic sports movie is very rare, "strikes" as a distinctive style of the film for the badminton, the film market is very fresh. But because it is the theme of the film, the actors who naturally have a heavy burden: challenge the level of professional sports. Relative to character to play badminton player Bao Chunlai, the other actors in the film "badminton show" what is curious. As actor Wang Sen Hao Lei loves sports, but he is the most adept at basketball, badminton is rarely contact, in order to play this role, Wang Sen to do the homework, badminton training. Partner Joe Yan said, Wang Sen on the details of the performance is enough, "the time of the shooting, Wang Jingchun was at the scene of the teacher had said a word, a special professional athletes do not judge, see him pick up the ball the way you know, business players by hand picking, picking up professional athletes with a bat. Second days to shoot Wang Sen, I found that the action of the ball with the racket Wang Sen very skilled, a look is a good practice to go home." Bao Chunlai also praised Wang Sen’s performance is very professional. "Although his competition level is not fully professional to describe, but he showed in the film state is a professional athlete, this is a good performance." Bao Chunlai Wang Sen premiere happy humorous ridicule role "prototype" premiered in Beijing site, in addition to all creative debut, Lin Dan, Fu Haifeng, Zhang Nan, Chen long, the Olympic games badminton star also came to help out, set off the atmosphere climax. May be because of good brothers together excited, always restrained Bao Chunlai became excited, when asked to introduce his own role, he said his naughty play is "Lin Dan", a remark, one side of Wang Sen also perfect Jiecha: "that my speech is Bao Chunlai!" Triggered audience laughter. Lin Dan quickly explained: "I am looking forward to the Bao Chunlai play, but I would like to say that he is a rich two generation in the film, but I am not rich in the two generation." It is reported that the film will be released nationwide in September 16th, would like to know Bao Chunlai’s play "Lin Dan" and "the role of" in the end of the speech, what is the appearance of the film, only to explore the cinema of the of the world, and then, in the end of.相关的主题文章: