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His angry words "kill you" the man scared dwelling subway station two night – Beijing Yangzi Evening News (reporter correspondent Ren Guoyong Lu Gongxuan) 10 am, a man wearing thin clothes curled up in the station subway station S8 Liuhe dragon pool, kind-hearted man asked the reason, he said in the work near the site, because workers to kill him, he did not dare to go back to the dormitory to sleep, and he has been in the subway station two days of sleep, good Samaritan that quickly reported to the police. Dragon pool police station rushed to the scene investigation, the man Liu Mousu said that in March to work from a home in Liuhe to work on a site in Dongtai. In August the site to a group of workers, because the dormitory has not been arranged, the site arrange two people sleeping in a bed, he and Li Mouhe slept in a bed, a start at peace, can a few days ago he found the place where Li Mouzhan is bigger, said "when I first came to bed, I also sleep first. You take so many places, what ah?" In this way the two sides quarreled, but the second day he found that Lee will all of his quilt clothes thrown into the bed, and again noisy up, Lee threatened to kill him. See Lee devils look, Liu also panicked, think the untouchables, hiding from. He didn’t dare go back to the dorm at night. The police took Liu rushed to the site to find Lee asked Lee innocent face said: "I was drunk said angry words, who knows he is serious," the police criticized Lee’s behavior, and informed the person in charge of the site. The official said that due to the large amount of labor, difficult to adjust the dormitory, it will arrange a bed for two people, the following will be arranged as soon as possible to the workers.相关的主题文章: