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Health There is not a day that goes by where many men and women look in the mirror to find a smile that they feel is unbecoming or even embarrassing. Sterling Heights cosmetic dentist, Bright Side Dental, located in Michigan, specializes in improving smiles so they are natural, and beautiful. With the technology available today, these improvements can take as little as a few hours and rarely longer than two or three appointments. For dull grey or yellow teeth, the use of Zoom Tooth Whitening achieves a brighter, whiter smile in about an hour. For teeth that are actually in excellent shape, well placed and nicely formed, but simply have discolored over the years, this is the perfect solution. Discoloring can occur, of course, from smoking or drinking red wine, but also can simply be the result of years of use having dulled the teeth. A high-speed smile makeover can be achieved with porcelain veneers. Usually only needing two office visits, teeth can quickly be transformed into the dream smile. Veneers are employed to improve the appearance of teeth that are misshapen, out of alignment, or badly stained. They can even fix gaps between the teeth. This permanent solution offers swift route to a beautiful, completely new smile! When designed properly, the porcelain veneer smile can be so natural that most people wont even notice what changed; just that something did in a good way! There are several solutions for missing teeth. One of the newest and most popular answers is the dental implant. This permanent replacement actually bonds into the bone of the jaw and once fitted with a crown, looks, feels and acts like a real tooth. Many people use these in the place of dentures and bridges. Bright Side Dental does offer dentures and partial dentures for their patients who prefer. Designed and flawlessly fit by the dentists, at all three of the convenient locations, this solution is sought by many people who are missing teeth. A bridge can be used to replace one or more teeth that are completely missing, by placing replacement teeth in between two healthy teeth, thereby creating a bridge between the teeth. This bridge is permanently adhered to the teeth and lasts for many years. If a portion of the missing tooth is still in place, theres a good chance that a crown will suffice. Known for our expert design and placing, all steps of the crown work can be done at any of our offices, including any dental surgery, root canals, as well as treatment for gum or bone disease. Some teeth simply need fillings or bonding to repair cavities, cracks or chips. Bonding is done by placing a liquid bonding solution on the exterior portion of the tooth in order to restore chipped or cracked teeth, to close a space between the teeth or to cover a discolored tooth. All these dental procedures and more are available at Sterling Heights cosmetic dentist, Bright Side Dental, where all your dental needs are handled. Also offering orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, root canals, oral surgery (wisdom teeth extractions) and, of course, teeth cleaning. Call today for your appointment. If you are in pain or have a broken tooth, you can usually get a same-day emergency dental appointment. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: