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Home-and-Family Orchids have an undeserved reputation for being difficult to grow and care for in the home. This probably arises from the beginning of orchid growing when orchids imported from the tropics died so frequently in English greenhouses that England was referred to as a cemetery for orchids. While it is hard to grow orchids from seed it requires a specialized growing medium and 3-4 years worth of patience once grown, most orchids are as easy to cultivate as any other houseplant and easier than most. In the next paragraphs general aids on cultivating orchids are discussed. For more detailed advice you may consult my website ..growingandcaringfororchids… Watering: The best advice is to mist plants every few days with distilled water, and only water, when the potting medium is nearly dry. Because there are so many species of orchids, it is important to check an orchid book or follow the plants watering directions you may have received from the grower. | Growing Medium: Most orchids are epiphytic that is, they take their nutrients from the air. They may grow on bark, sphagnum moss, cork plaques or in gravel or charcoal. With very rare exceptions , do NOT pot orchids in potting soil.| Light: A sunny window sill is a good place for your orchids. In northern states, natural sunlight may need to be increased with gro-lights or other fluorescent lights to ensure that your orchids get enough light. In midsummer, many orchids may require some protection from the bright sun. Watch leaves for signs of sunburn or lack of light and adjust accordingly.| Circulation: Air is an often overlooked need for orchids. Because most orchids take their nutrients directly from the air, they do best when there is a steady, constant stream of air around them. A small fan or an open window will provide enough air flow to keep them happy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: