He used 10 years to retrieve 100 thousand old tiles, finally built the most beautiful old warehouse minmi

He used 10 years to retrieve 100 thousand old tiles, finally built the most beautiful old warehouse Sohu than the memory of old travel, more faithful. We all have discarded the old, he is a piece of it back, put together. The largest old warehouse, let people see the old time. The old is filled space filled with retro atmosphere, accidentally fell into the last century’s time. The old sofa, tea table, and the old mother’s dowry camphorwood box…… You want to sit here and listen to mother nagging past. The old makes us feel like a child again grilled on the windowsill look outside scenery. But this time, we began to look at, to. This place all day long estimate is not enough. The light warm sprinkled on the old tile, time seems to stand still in here. Here is the GOODONE old warehouse, antique furniture, desk lamp, bicycle, tile, typewriter…… There was Xiamen nearly one hundred years old, everything is from "the old gentleman" from every corner of the city gathered. Each article carries a life, some of the past and memory. The old barn is the owner of Yang Hanjing. Long black glasses, mustachioed, and tied in the back of the small plait, wearing colored clothes, as if from the Qing Dynasty through to this old house and he looked up. Yang Hanjing love for them is coincidental. Out of the yearning for the sea, just graduated from the University of Xiamen Yang went to work, when he was engaged in a lot of industries, opened a coffee shop, run wine, red tea house, but also renovated the old villa…… Because of his old complex, since 2003, he has been in Xiamen to collect "junk", a pick up is more than ten years, collected rags was not just a sales. In all things, Yang Hanjing loved tiles, he often said that the old brick feels like baby skin moist and delicate. At the end of nineteenth Century, the overseas Chinese from Nanyang old tile to the Gulangyu Islet. In ten years, China established a tile factory, then twists and turns. Tile the cumbersome manual operation was eventually replaced by industrial tiles, demolition and reconstruction…… In 90s, the tile silently out of our lives, mottled hidden in the memory is not clear. At first, Yang Hanjing received tiles and old objects are mainly concentrated in the Gulangyu Islet, slowly, he began to gradually expand its sphere of influence, from eight, general temple to Xiamen port of the old city with his "time hunter". From time to time, from time to time, from time to time, from time to time, from time to time, from time to time. The centrifugal force caused by the rapid development of the city more and more old abandoned, Yang Hanjing hands put more and more. In order to properly store these things, he began to rent all the warehouse for storage. He and a few friends rented the old villa, to open a cafe and entrepreneurial studio, the old scene to restore the old villa, Yang Hanjing to Amoy back on the old cafe for a long time, to the people in the store were surprised to see again a walk相关的主题文章: