Harbin set up hotlines without burning straw Jinshao reward synnex

Harbin set up hotlines without burning straw Jinshao reward life newspaper news November 1st October 31st, reporters from the city government was informed that the "work plan" released 2016 Jinshao straw in Harbin City, the establishment of Harbin straw Jinshao hotlines 12369, 24 hours of receiving the report. At the same time, the reward for 10 yuan without burning behavior. "Plan" requirement, Harbin City area for global Jinshao district. All districts and counties (cities) to accelerate the comprehensive utilization of straw, straw burning phenomenon from the source control. On the comprehensive utilization of straw into the scope of the pilot corn planting plots, there is no burning behavior, in accordance with the 10 yuan mu (municipal government award of $5 acres, districts, counties and cities to reward the government of 5 acres) of the standard award. In the straw jobs, mainly to subsidize the corn straw returning machine operation and purchase; in the construction of straw storage and system, mainly on the machine, strapping machine, mower and straw collection equipment purchase subsidies; to build straw processing and utilization industry, mainly for straw feed utilization, energy utilization and above the scale of making fertilizer, straw board, paper, alcohol and other projects to give subsidies.相关的主题文章: