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Halloween COSPLAY: how to reflect your range of science and technology science and technology – Sohu today is western large – Halloween Carnival festival once a year, a variety of social networking sites on the small open is "Demons and monsters danced like mad." scene. But as a technology media, "Silicon Valley spy" in the office of a quiet…… The detectives have expressed their natural adorable, no need to dress (actually completely will not understand)! But if you change your mind at the last minute to participate in what party, then a small probe to give you a few wonderful Cosplay ideas, to ensure that the shock of the eye, but also bring their own technology fan! 1 a variety of intelligent assistant Alexa, Siri and Cortana major technology companies launched intelligent assistants, such as Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana are very suitable for Cosplay have wood! Especially when you go to a Halloween party, and you want people to see you guys! And they’re a wonderful chat atmosphere. If you want to talk to a girl, you can pretend to be Siri, "what can I do for you?" If you do not want to pay attention to others, it will start the search function of Cortana, I am sorry, failed to search for relevant information, and then quietly away…… This highly recommends to imitate Alexa, because the most simple — just find a roll of black plastic paper, winding around to myself. Siri, according to the "Big Bang" setting, should be a tall beauty, so the difficulty slightly. 2 Samsung Note 7 bomber if you like the others, not creative, only from the pile in Bachu a bunch of super heroes to imitate: so small you are strongly advised to explore from the Samsung Note 7 inspiration, this will make you look more like a ghost in real life, and show you the the thought and reflection of modern civilization. The practice is also very simple, as long as a few Note 7 models sewn on the clothes can be. The sketch is as follows: but there is also a bad thing to do, that is, you may not be able to get into a lot of places, such as airports, schools, government buildings, and even many parks are not! In addition, every time you close to a person, you have to explain yourself on the phone is false, false! In fact, Japan held a Halloween Parade yesterday, has been so dry, very similar! 3 Google Cardboard Google Cardboard is a pair of VR glasses. This Cosplay belongs to pure enjoyment, because you cover on a loose Cardboard paper box, also can have enough space to plug into a computer and a VR helmet! You can hide in the cosplay clothing in playing VR Games — the dress is only suitable for those who must attend Halloween activities, but to a person in the carnival this day quietly shoes. If someone talk to you, you only need a high cold and said: "I have entered the real horror, now.相关的主题文章: