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Self-Improvement The growing consciousness among men to look good has given boost to the hair transplant industry in India. Men no longer want to carry the bald look because they feel it makes them look older and less-attractive. Baldness also affects the self-esteem and confidence level of a man. Hair transplant is like giving a new life to a person who restores his confidence and feels proud of his looks. It energizes a person and makes him more socially active. The rising stress levels have also led to diminishing hair lines among women. Though the pattern of male and female baldness is different yet the transplant procedures are same for both the genders. Hair transplant clinics are located across the country. A veteran surgeon performs the transplant surgery after analyzing the current state of a patients hair. The surgeons are either practicing independently or are associated with major hospitals of the area. It is a minor surgery with minimal recovery period. However, one has to take necessary precautions and post-operative care as told by the surgeon. In a hair transplant procedure, tiny incisions are made in the identified bald areas and hair grafts are inserted in these incisions. These grafts lead to the growth of normal hair within few days. In India, follicular unit extraction (FUE) method is mainly adopted. It is less painful and leaves no surgery scars. One can experience possible side effects like headaches, small amount of bleeding, scalp numbness, or temporary thinning of the hair. Sometimes, swelling occurs around the forehead and the eyes. However, the side effects are temporary and subside with medication. The cost of hair transplant is much lower in India .pared to other countries. It is approximately as low as Rs. 60 per graft. One can also negotiate with the clinics to get a .petitive rate. Most of the clinics have their websites providing .plete details about their services. One can browse these sites to have a better understanding about the type and cost of the services. The industry got an impetus following frequent hair transplant surgeries by celebrities from all walks of life. This acted as a covert advertising for the industry that eventually witnessed a rise in the number of transplant cases from the public. It is no longer a privilege for the rich. Young professionals and salaried people are easily going for it to get a head full of hair. Check for more on Hair Transplant 相关的主题文章: