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The guy to buy the $about 8000000 retired Boeing 737: love is to buy a Sohu news Guanghan guy Mr. Ning days ago in the United States to buy a retired Boeing 737 – 300 aircraft. Yesterday, he told the Chengdu Daily reporter, the aircraft will be assembled in the transformation of the Beijing back to Guanghan. "I was very fond of airplanes since I was a kid, and I was able to buy a retired plane, so I bought one." Because the domestic purchase of cumbersome procedures, in June this year, Mr. Ning went to visit the United States, a phase of the Boeing 737 – 300 aircraft. For Mr. Ning like this decommissioned Boeing 737, the seller quoted $600 thousand at the beginning of September, the two sides reached intention, finally the seller $100 thousand discount. However, the aircraft does not post, the engine and avionics equipment has been removed. In general, just retired models, the other party can send three crew will fly to Sichuan, Guanghan, but this involves customs, airspace applications, etc., very troublesome……" After the final evaluation, the plane from Florida dismembered by container in Arizona, and then through the water to the China. The plane up after loading 16 containers, light aircraft dismantling has spent more than a week." In October 22nd, after the dismemberment of the aircraft arrived in Shanghai, and was in 8 a large trailer pull to Beijing assembly. According to the plan, the middle of this month the head part will be shipped back to Guanghan. How much does it cost to buy a retired aircraft from the United States? Mr. Ning’s secretary Zou Yuanbin calculations: the cost of the purchase of aircraft equivalent to about 3000000 yuan, demolition, transport, assembly, transformation of the aircraft cost of $about 4000000, does not include the installation costs of about 1000000. According to the relevant information shows that the aircraft had previously been the U.S. Air Force 737-300 navigation training body. Spend huge amounts of money to buy retired aircraft, Mr. Ning exactly what people? According to reports, Mr. Ning graduated from the China Civil Aviation Flight Academy in 2009, engaged in air traffic control industry for more than a year, in 2011 to resign entrepreneurship, currently engaged in real estate investment and development. Chengdu Business Daily reporter Wang Mingping相关的主题文章: