Golden Week train tickets than do the spring is also difficult to buy

Golden Week train tickets than do the spring is also difficult to buy yesterday was the last day of the National Day holiday, China Railway Corporation released the relevant data, the railway transportation 10 day National Day golden week, the national railway is expected to send visitors 108 million passengers, an increase of 9.3%, a record high in the new National Day holiday transportation. Since September 30th, the national railway passenger volume over 8 consecutive days over ten million passengers. The selection of railway people travel during the National Day golden week, I could feel like this, golden week than the spring is also difficult to buy train tickets. Before there is information display, in the peak time of Golden Week travel and travel, some hot city train ticket regardless of high-speed rail or puglie, are all "no" Shuabing, tickets were all sold out. See the total release of iron data, it will be difficult to understand why tickets. Golden week, the national railway passenger volume for 8 consecutive days over ten million people, one-day return peak passenger volume of over 12 million people, what is this concept? The spring of 2016 a total of 40 days, the railway travel about 7000000 passengers daily, the peak day close to ten million. Through the comparison of figures is not difficult to find, the National Day Golden Week passenger density is far behind the spring, there will be difficult to understand the ticket. Golden week in the spring after the railway passenger flow away, still running selfishly. Since 2013, the railway department of the National Day golden week period of railway transportation is defined as the day before and after a total of 10 days, statistics show that in recent years the annual national railway passenger volume during the golden week has increased by about 10%, at the same time, every single day railway passenger volume also continues to record high. In recent years, China has gradually opened a number of high-speed rail, while the National Day holiday for the rapid growth of passenger traffic, the railway sector has also increased investment, but compared to the golden week during the passenger blowout, rail capacity is still insufficient. Difficult to buy the golden week train tickets, the situation is expected to exist for a long time. The train ticket to buy more than the Spring Festival, is only a partial reflection of the golden week passenger intensive travel. During the National Day Golden Week travel flow, flow and other forms of superposition of the formation of railway passenger traffic, in the last year, about 750 million people, this year’s specific data has not been released, it is estimated that only a lot more. A more intuitive and more difficult than the spectacular display of the golden week passenger flow, is the recent heat transfer network an aerial photograph in a highway toll station, a dense array of vehicles like the computer like encoding head dizziness. Whether it is difficult to buy tickets or vehicles such as coding, these phenomena reflect the nature of the problem is how to arrange our holiday system. If the Spring Festival, the global rare population floating is affected by traditional culture, its formation has a strong rigid demand, then the passenger blowout of the National Day Golden Week holiday is mainly caused by system arrangement. The implementation of the golden week system has been 18 years in our country, due to overload of passenger tickets difficult, it is difficult to travel and tourist attractions are overcrowded, these problems caused the abolition of the golden week. However, each expert proposal to cancel the golden week, immediately led to widespread public opposition, the reason is very simple, the system is difficult to implement paid leave reality, cancel the golden week will undoubtedly infringe the majority of people leave entitlements. Golden week the disadvantages, but.相关的主题文章: