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Get rid of the long life of mobile phone batteries, charging treasure market in today’s era, more and more people had to take out a mobile power, if you do not take the mobile power will lack a sense of security, which is actually a kind of disease, is a kind of mobile phone is afraid of no power of obsessive-compulsive disorder, a lot of people looking at the hands of less than 50% of electricity machine there will be a mild manic, and crazy like to charge a mobile phone. In recent years, the rapid development of smart phone hardware, mobile phone screen is growing, and the resolution is also getting higher and higher, and the battery has been unable to break through the bottleneck, thus becoming a small horse cart status quo. Love is not a small negative tired man, so it will not go anywhere with mobile power, I prefer a long life in the mobile phone, Sina mobile phone today for everyone to bring a few large battery long life of mobile phone, perhaps one for me the same burden you hate. HUAWEI enjoy 6 full Netcom (parameter quote forum software) HUAWEI in Beijing released a flagship price of a thousand yuan mobile phones – HUAWEI enjoy the 6. HUAWEI enjoy 6 Slim, and the continuation of the previous generation products, long life advantages and other aspects to enjoy 6 using 5 inches AMOLED screen, 3G ram, eight core processor, and is equipped with fingerprint recognition and feature of finger joint recognition technology, the price is 1299 yuan, hit the young consumer market. Click on the picture to see the HUAWEI enjoy 6 full Netcom details HUAWEI enjoy 6 using 5 inches 720p screen AMOLED, accounting for 75% of the screen; equipped with eight core processor, combined with 3GB of memory to run +16GB body storage hardware combination. Camera, HUAWEI enjoy 6 choose 13 million pixel main camera +500 megapixel front camera hardware combination. Sound effects, the use of Swedish DIRAC hi fi technology, restore natural sound quality; network, enjoy 6 support dual sim dual standby full Netcom, support mobile, China Unicom, telecom triple play dual card blind plug. Click on the picture to see the HUAWEI enjoy 6 full Netcom details endurance has been enjoying a series of the main function, and general machine thousands of poor battery life, enjoy the HUAWEI 6 and enjoy the same 5 choose the 4100mAh battery, the user can use nearly 2 days of severe, maximum standby time 6 days. Battery from the industry’s leading suppliers, and through the high-frequency battery drop test to ensure the safety of use. More support OTG reverse charge, will be able to play high energy to the extreme. HUAWEI enjoy 6 full Netcom reference price: 1299 yuan Jin Jin M6 mobile phone released new year M6, the flagship long life and safety, to continue in the crowd for the business segments of the market force. M6 continues the long life of a selling point, the use of the 5000mAh battery capacity, as a leader in similar products; in addition, Jin and M series with the security point, built-in security encryption chip, encrypted mobile phone protection from the hardware layer face. Click the picture to see the details of the M6 Jin Jin M6 has integrated metal body, the 5.5 inch FHD AMOLED screen, equipped with MediaTek Helio P10 processor, yuan相关的主题文章: