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Gansu teachers cheated light savings Dutch act fraud gang members leave the emergency let Gansu Tianshui Qinan County Rural Teachers Fan Yingui, telecommunications fraud was 230 thousand yuan savings Dutch act, surging news () has reported the matter, causing widespread concern. According to the latest bulletin of Ankang Shaanxi police, the implementation of the fraud is a fan of transnational telecommunications fraud gang. The group was informed that Fan Yingui Dutch act after the news, immediately arrange gang members from the dens left to return home. At present, the ad hoc group has been online pursuit of suspects. Dangerous Fan Yingui rented a family of three. This picture is the surging news reporter Wang Jiantu in November 8th, and the police to inform the media supervision of the Ministry of public security "1· 07" large series of transnational telecommunications fraud progress, and revealed the case of Yingui fan: this series of crime groups long entrenched in Indonesia, more than 200 gang members, involved in more than 400 cases, involving more than 3500 yuan. The police investigation, the gang members posing as police staff to the domestic people call, lied to the victim alleged crime of money laundering, and making false "warrant" property freezing order "and other documents, intimidation of victims to commit fraud. Up to now, the well-being of the police arrested 36 gang members involved in the case, a string of more than 32 provinces and cities in more than 400 cases, involving up to more than 3500 yuan. Involved 35 million yuan, the people were arrested in 2015 on December, Ankang City, more than 20 cases of telecommunications fraud posing as Ankang City Public Security Bureau, the amount of more than $200 million. After the incident, the well-being of the police quickly organized a special investigation. January 7, 2016, Ankang City Public Security Bureau will be identified as this series of telecommunications fraud 1· 07 project, and set up a task force. The well-being of police, the case submitted to the Ministry of public security, the national telecommunications network governance to combat new illegal crime special action office will be the case as the first listed cases. Since then, in support of the Shaanxi provincial anti fraud center, the police task force has rushed to Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Xi’an, Anhui, Yunnan and other places, query the accounts involved more than 600 cases, by making capital flow chart, determine the payee identity, to find out the important association with overseas payee fraud Gang, success Chen Moumou led to dig, hiding in Indonesia, more than 200 people involved in transnational telecommunications fraud gangs. Based on the analysis of the police in full, the first batch of key object capture. At the end of May 2016, the task force in important clues, arrested 3 suspects in Guangdong, Guangxi and other places respectively, which break the case. According to the briefing, in late August, the task force decided to concentrate on the net of gang members have returned home, to carry out key to arrest the gang members sent a working group on general gang members to take online pursuit, urging surrender and other measures to carry out the net capture work. As of now, health police arresting 36 gang members, including the arrest of 25 people, criminal detention of 10 people, 1 were released on bail; seized more than 320 bank cards, mobile phone cards, online banking U shield, more than 210 sets of accounting vouchers, recovered stolen money 20 string and Yu Wanyuan);相关的主题文章: