Galaxy S7 edge fire burns Samsung faces a lawsuit

Galaxy S7 edge Samsung fire burns user facing a lawsuit in the United States specializing in the lawsuit complaint website ClassAction announced before the lawyer on behalf of consumers, Daniel · Ramirez sued samsung. The lawyer said Daniel · owned by the Galaxy S7 edge smartphone as a result of battery failure on fire, led to Daniel · two degrees and a degree of burns of the degree of of three degrees. Daniel · Ramirez underwent surgery, and the need for multiple skin grafts, care and physical therapy can recover widely. The plaintiff and lawyer has filed a lawsuit to the New Jersey state Supreme Court said Daniel · Ramirez in March this year in the best buy to buy the smart mobile phone, the incident occurred in May 30th, when Ramirez was a Ohio bookstore in the construction work, the store suddenly caught fire, in his pants pocket Galaxy S7 edge Daniel · Ramirez tried to put it out, but burned right hand, mobile phone continues to burn in the pants, causing three degree burns to his legs.  相关的主题文章: