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Home-and-Family Metal kids toys Kids toys which are made from the metal or the metal as main material always have the sharp edges and corners. At the same time, the toxic substances should be contained in the painting painted on the toys surface. Suggestion from the children development experts is that generally metal kids toys are dangerous so that parents should be careful and not to buy them for kids under five years old. Firstly, the sharp edges and corners on metal toys are easy to cut the children’s skin and cause the injury. Secondly, some metal toys are painted on the surface to decorate so that some dangerous heavy metal such as lead and so on which are harmful to children would be contained in the painting. Small size toys Small size toys such as building blocks and other accessories are always made from the metal or plastic. Because of the small size, they are dangerous for children because they are easily swallowed by children. What’s worse, such small size toys often have the bright color and beautiful design so that children are more likely to play with them. If you already bought such small size toys for kids, you should put them at the safe place, where can not be found and got easily by children. At the same time, parents should teach children to distinguish the toys and food. Balloon toys Balloon toys have too many hidden dangers. Firstly, the balloons,especially the hydrogen balloon, are more likely to explode, which would cause the harm for children. What’s worse, they would cause severe burning if encountering the flame. Secondly, if the balloon debris was swallowed into children’s respiratory tract, it is difficult to remove and even have the life risk. Therefore, when children are playing with balloon toys, parent should be more careful, once the balloon was exploded, it is better to clean all the pieces in time to avoid being swallowed. Mask toys Most mask toys are made from the plastics or suppressed paper pulp or wood pulp. Children are always love this mask toys because of the colorful and cartoon shape. However, some poor quality mask toys are made from toxic plastic, which contain toxic chemicals and harmful to children. In addition, some mask toys are airtight so that it is difficult for kids to breathe. For a long time, serious symptoms such as cerebral hypoxia, dizziness and even asphyxia would be resulted. When buying mask toys, parents should check the air hole on them. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: