Foreign media sing a Shanghai refers to the first two years, the technology to send the bullish MACD rainism

Foreign media sing A shares: Shanghai refers to the first two years the technology to send sina finance App MACD bullish: Live on-line bloggers to guide your entries as you earn take can make you my source: surging surging news reporter Liu Xinyu after the old investment bank Goldman Sachs, many international investment options start from the technical level, to sing A shares. According to Bloomberg news, Bloomberg data show that compared with put options, the Shanghai 50 call option price is close to the highest level in the year. From the options market data in September 13th, the Shanghai 50 bullish option price of the purchase price of up to 10%, the price of the option to buy the price of more than 2.2 points higher than the price of 10%. The spread of the call option and put option, in September 7th has reached the maximum. Options market maker Liquid Capital Markets Ltd. in Hongkong, chief derivatives trader Nick Cheng pointed out that in February and June, when a similar level of the last option price arrived, the CSI 50 Index in the next month or so time, ushered in a wave of 9% to 10% rise. He made such a judgment on the grounds, is take the form of technical. The report quoted the analysis of Nick Cheng said that in September, the Shanghai Composite Index 50 day moving average and 200 day moving average for the first time in more than two years by this cross, technology investors called the "golden cross", and will mark it as the start up. Nick Cheng said: technically, I do see from the chart (index) in the upper reaches of the breakthrough." The Shanghai 50 index is from Shanghai large market size and good liquidity of the 50 stocks as the sample preparation of the index, the mainland stock market index is only allowed to track option transactions, so far in 2016 fell a total of 7.2%. The Shanghai Composite Index years worse. In the 94 global market index tracked by Bloomberg, Shanghai is the fifth worst performance index, the cumulative decline reached 15.15% in 2016 so far. In contrast, the mainland shares to track the Hang Seng Index of state-owned enterprises, a decline of only 0.68% in the year, sharply outperforming the stock index. Behind too much, it is precisely the reason investors buy. BNP Paribas Greater China stock trading director Caroline Maurer said: "you can buy a call option, because there will be a catch behind expectations. Other markets have risen a lot, A shares is likely because of too long and get pulled backward." He said the option traders with the action is predicted after the HSCEI index since February lows of 29%, AH price difference narrowed to the lowest since 2014, it has 3000 points in sideways for 5 months in Shanghai, it will be a breakthrough. In addition, the international bank believes that investors are buying options reason, the market is also a reason for boring. Hongkong Hang Seng Index of state-owned enterprises in September 5th to the week of consecutive trading days rose to a record high since November 2015, a new high of 5. theory相关的主题文章: