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Foreign media: Russian aircraft carrier every voyage with winter’s bad half – Sohu tug Military Channel Reference News Network reported on October 28th: foreign media said, in the British Royal Navy escort aircraft carrier of old Russia across the English channel has been the existence of technical problems, both sail there with tugs to prevent failures. According to the British "Daily Telegraph" website reported on 21 October, the Navy experts said that the 55 thousand ton aircraft carrier "Kuznetsov" is quite old, many are unable to use the toilet, and its power of several problems, there has been a series of accidents. The ship of Soviet warships was leading a team of 8 naval vessels to the eastern Mediterranean fleet, the aircraft carrier is expected to join the new Syria attack on the rebel held city of Aleppo where. The British Defense Secretary said, in the Royal Navy "Duncan" destroyer "guiding", "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier 21, braved the smoke billowing across the Dover strait. NATO officials have said that Russia’s deployment is the largest since the cold war, designed to highlight the military strength of Moscow and quickly took control of the rebels in Aleppo. But when it crossed the English channel, the marine enthusiasts in the social media on its ridicule. A Royal Navy sources said: "their vessels are the apple of Sodom. Just look at the smoke coming out of it." "Over the past 10 years or so, we’ve all been on Russian ships, and there are some amazing discoveries. The interior is pretty bad." Peter, a naval expert at the Royal Naval Institute, said: "in the Navy tradition, there is something called a bad boat, and ‘Kuznetsov’ is no doubt a bad ship."." "Kuznetsov" aircraft carrier began construction in 1982, serving in 1990, since then it has been plagued by technical problems. The carrier is not reliable, every voyage will take a large ocean going tug, in case of failure. The problem of the water pipe system causes the system to freeze in winter. In order to prevent pipe burst, to close most of the water tank, half of the toilet can not be used. A former royal navy officer Roberts said: "for a navy captain, not what will be in the starting than with a tug more depressed, because even the commander thinks you will malfunction." In 2009, the aircraft carrier during a visit to Turkey, a fire, a sailor was killed. In the same year in the Irish sea, a tanker accident, the aircraft carrier leaked hundreds of tons of oil. But Roberts said that despite the trouble, but it will not retire. He said: "she is an impressive large fast carrier, equipped with advanced aircraft, she will participate in the war in Syria." He said that the Royal Navy does not have its own aircraft carrier, the United Kingdom will take 10 years to use their warships and aircraft to carry out similar deployment operations. "The power of the ‘Kuznetsov’ is not good, but look at the recent situation on the type 45 destroyer, the United Kingdom has"相关的主题文章: