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Legal The Criminal Justice Information Services under the Florida Department of law Enforcement keeps the Florida Where To Find Arrest Records . The records that are found in the archive are those that have been reported by any of the issuing government agencies such as the office of the sheriff, criminal justice agencies, state police and traffic department. Arrest files in the state of Florida are used mainly to conduct a background check on certain individuals. Many would refer to arrest files to check out their neighbors, friends, colleagues and relatives. Employers would also use such records to check the people who work for them. Others would use such files to run a check on their partners to ensure that are living with a person that has a clean record. There are some who would check their own personal records to make sure that the information are valid and correct. When a person is arrested, even if the person was not convicted of the crime, the incident is still documented. A lot of information can be found on the file such as the personal information of the arrested individual like the name, age, address and the birth date. One can also find on the record the physical description of the person such as the color of the eyes, weight, gender, height, and any markings on the body. Further information about the arrest of the person is also found on the record like the place where the person was arrested and the time it happened. The file also contains a photo of the individual. When requesting for an arrest record in Florida, a request form has to be filled out and submitted to the office. The request form is also available for download through the website of the Department of Law Enforcement. Only records from 19650 are available at the office. Records prior to the said year can be obtained from the country where the arrest was done. A fee of $24 has to be paid to the office. The one who request for the arrest file will be needed to provide their information such as their name and address along with their fingerprints for documentation purposes. The most .mon method of retrieving the record is to go to the office of the Criminal justice Information Services under the Department of Law Enforcement in Florida and file the request from there. Third party providers are also now offering to do the search for a certain fee. Online retrieval of the record is by far the easiest and most convenient method. Using the Inter. to get the arrest records of an individual is a lot faster and hassle-free since the request can be done even at home and within seconds the needed information is displayed on the screen. There are websites that offer a charged service to get quality search results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: