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Beauty Unfortunately, it happens to all of us at about 40 years old. Nobody likes seeing the first signs of facial sagging and maybe even a few telltale wrinkles. Time to take action with Suzanne Somers’ FaceMaster. The good news is that it works no matter how old you are. We know we need healthy muscles to support the skin. And, you need a system to exercise all of the facial muscles. A healthy diet and toned facial muscles keep our appearance youthful. And isn’t that what we all want? The FaceMaster is the perfect system to tone face muscles. It’s like having a microcurrent facial to use anytime you would like. All in the privacy of your own home! The FaceMaster is also a great benefit to people who have had a facelift and want to keep a youthful, vibrant look. Suzanne Somers has used the FaceMaster for years and openly says that it is her #1 beauty secret. At 63, she still looks great. As we age, our faces tend to "cave in" resulting in a sad look with sagging cheeks and jowls, crow’s feet around the eyes and lines in our forehead. Don’t accept this as your fate for living past 40. We have natural options that do not include plastic surgery. We can exercise and tone muscles in the face just like any other part of the body. All muscles respond to exercise to retain their shape and purpose in your body. The micro current stimulation of the FaceMaster, via a small 9 volt battery, contracts and relaxes muscles. The 22 muscles on each side of the face need this exercise to stay toned and uplifted. The stimulation also brings more circulation to the face to trigger the body’s own production of collagen and elastin while restoring muscle tone. It is truly a natural, non-surgical facelift. It is a reliable way to obtain and keep facial fitness! The FaceMaster has been cleared by the FDA. And, there is no pain attached to this face exercise program. You may opt to have the same treatment in an upscale spa. But, as we know, having treatments at a spa or dermatologist’s office is expensive and time consuming. Using the FaceMaster at home allows you the freedom to use it a few times a week, for about 20 minutes, at a time that is convenient for you. Gravity is always pulling us down. We need to level the playing field. This is an easy way to exercise face muscles. And, everyone knows that it just makes sense to use a non-surgical face lift to keep a natural, youthful look. Let Suzanne Somers’ FaceMaster help you defeat gravity and look as great as you feel. Put your best face forward! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: