exposing skin areas to wet clothing and underwear creates a perfect environment for yeast to breed 林志玲遭老总熊抱 黄磊为孙莉庆生

Health I wanted to learn yeast infection home remedy curatives because I kept getting yeast infections every month during my menstrual periods. I was a bit sick of it and wanted to find a cure that would get rid of it forever. I decided to start with what was causing my infections. I wasn’t too surprised to learn that my infections were the result of a fungus named Candida albicans multiplying out of control. But I was surprised that these were common yeast spores and they populate certain parts of the body. And I always thought only women had this, but found out that men could get it too. And that the genitals aren’t the only place an infection can develop, in fact, almost any portion of the body that gets damp or rubs together can be affected. That’s a scary thing! Females are usually the most interested in understanding yeast infection home remedy treatments the reasons they cure because they are most prone to these infections. Yeast cannot reproduce in acidic environments, unfortunately there are times when the acid mantle of the genital areas are lowered and the yeast colonies go wild. Menstrual periods, pregnancy, and menopause cause the hormones and acid levels go haywire; some medications like steroids, hormones like birth control, or antibiotics affect them, too; exposing skin areas to wet clothing and underwear creates a perfect environment for yeast to breed; and having high levels of sugar in the body provide food for them to grow. Vaginal yeast infections have symptoms that practically demand knowledge of yeast infection home remedy curatives. There is an intense itch around the genitals, sometimes with a burning sensation as well. Pain makes itself known during urination and intercourse. A sure sign of an contagion is the secretion of a discharge that is white, thick, with no obvious odor. Some well-tested yeast infection home remedy cures are favorites with sufferers. The most commonly used treatment is unsweetened yogurt applied directly to the infected area for about half an hour, two times a day. Studies show that probiotics have a lot to do with fighting off the infection, since helpful bacterium like Lactobaccillus controls the increase of the yeast colonies. If you can’t imagine using yogurt to cure your infection, there are vaginal suppositories and oral supplements based on freeze-dried probiotics available for purchase at most health stores. Boric acid’s a slightly stronger yeast infection home remedy that is very well accepted. A well-known antifungal and antiseptic treatment, it’s been put through medical studies that have found its results very similar to those of commercial antifungal medications. A word of warning, though. Like any other chemical, boric acid can be poisonous if swallowed and can’t be put on fresh wounds. Never allow expecting mothers, children, or babies to use it. And the last yeast infection home remedy is something I already use – tea tree oil. I put a few drops in water as a mouthwash but I was surprised to learn that a few drops are applied on a lubricated tampon (the lube doesn’t let it get absorbed by the tampon and applied every twleve hours, too. They’re really great, these yeast infection home remedy suggestions that I’ve found. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: