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The first time the EU funded research project to build defense unmanned combat system information: European Air Force fighter group to participate in joint exercises, including the A330 air refueling, Typhoon fighter, "wind" ECR attack aircraft and attack aircraft AMX. Reference News Network November 3 news media said, the European Defense Agency has approved for three new defense research project subsidies, this is the establishment of the EU for the first time in 59 years with their own budget funded projects. According to the British "Jane’s Defence Weekly" website reported on October 31st although a total investment of three projects is not high (about 1 million 400 thousand euros) but this is "a very important policy". The European Commission’s attempt to fund these projects has a longer-term agenda, with the aim of laying a solid foundation for defence research in the next seven years of the EU budget, and spending more money. Director of the European Defense Agency Jorge · Domecq said: "now no point of contention is that if Europe is to obtain Strategic Autonomy moderate, guarantee the security of European citizens and (safety) partner together the development of defense capability is essential for future investment." The three project will start in November 1st. The first project, known as "SPIDER", received a subsidy of 433 thousand euros, related to urban warfare. The project aims to demonstrate the idea of strengthening the situational awareness of soldiers in buildings. This will be based on the use of small positioning with vision, distance and other sensing devices and mobile devices, so that people inside the building, and the formation of indoor map, all of the data in a single site in comprehensive treatment. The second project "TRAWA" — a subsidy of 433 thousand and 292 euros, is used in the research of UAV on less expensive detection and avoidance system standards and requirements of the remote control interface parameters. The third project is called "EuroSWARM", with an allowance of 434 thousand euros. The project will develop a C2 architecture for sensors such as unmanned aerial floor platforms, protective devices (jammers, smoke detectors, lasers, etc.) and unmanned remote sensors. EuroSWARM plans to provide task allocation, sensor integration, collaborative guidance and other features will be displayed through small-scale tests. These projects are part of the three phase of the European Commission’s plan to allow the EU to enter the field of defense research and development. They are the first phase of the pilot project to test whether these ideas are politically, economically and technically feasible. The next step is to get the second phase of what is known as "defense research readiness": a plan for a period of three years with an annual funding of about EUR 25 million.相关的主题文章: