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UnCategorized Most Americans spend more on their car security than home security yet for most their home is by far the most valuable asset. A home burglary happens every 15 seconds. The "perps" are usually lazy, petty crooks looking for an easy score of cash and merchandise that can be easily fenced for cash to feed their drug habits crack cocaine and now methamphetamines. As homeowners we make it pretty easy for them. Most burglars, probably the vast majority, do their "casing" work during the day when the occupants are not home. So once they have a target, and believe me they have plenty to choose from, the hard part is over. Burglars are almost always unarmed and work by themselves. Breaking in is a piece of cake. Forced entry is usually not even required. According to FBI statistics nearly 17% of all crime domiciles were violated by a burglar. So if you stay in your home for six years-on average- you’ll be burgled. Police say that 90% of all burglaries can be prevented. How? Try locking doors and windows. Almost 33% of burglaries occur by entry thru an unlocked door or window. How much easier can we make it for them? Believe it or not, with increased security in convenience stores using hidden cameras and undercover security types, these crooks are turning to home burglary more and more. Again this group doesn’t want to take any unnecessary risks and certainly don’t want to get caught so minimal obstacles usually work. This is where the entry alarm with RF remote control .es in. This inexpensive, simple device is an effective door or window alarm that uses a remote control to control the functions. The three different radio frequencies allow you to arm/disarm multiple units in your house with the remote. You can also tune the channel of the remote to operate different sets of units within your house allowing you to "easily customize your wireless alarm. Simply install the main unit and the mag.ic bar on the frame of the door or window by using the powerful adhesive tape. When the door or window is opened the alarm will emit an intense 110dB siren." This inexpensive home security tool will keep prying eyes and fingers out of places you want to control and alert you to their presence. It is easy to install and easy to use. Take action today and protect your home and family from the ravages of crime. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: