Dong Mingzhu’s shareholders’ meeting on the spot! Just because there is no applause.

Dong Mingzhu’s shareholders’ meeting on the spot! Just because there is no applause on October 28th, on Friday, GREE extraordinary general meeting. Miss Dong and freak out. Because did not hear the sound of clap mhmm pops pops. The door did not get applause, this is her only encounter. According to participate in the general meeting of shareholders in the stock it message: Dong Zonggang came in and we did not applause, and after a few times to sit down, there is no applause. Pearl angry, the consequences are very serious. When more than and 100 people, "large million shares, to 100 shares, Zhejiang also has a large open tiger to" Miss Dong angry, she answered questions from shareholders to link, a shuttle "bullet" fire fighting in the past: GREE didn’t treat you! I can’t say this at all. You look at the listed companies which have to give you a few dividends? I don’t give you a bonus for 5 years, what can you do with me? Two years to give you 18 billion points, you go to see which companies give you so much? GREE people from 1 hundred million, from the profits of the company did not even lose money to do today, to achieve a profit of 13%, is to rely on you to come? Miss Dong seems to be the reason why there is no applause, because the participants are with a variety of ideas to. The general meeting of shareholders will vote on the acquisition of additional shares and the acquisition of new energy proposals. Previously, GREE announced the acquisition of the program, resulting in a huge controversy in the investor groups. Financial experts believe: offering this release if GREE finally implemented, it will seriously damage the existing shareholders, especially the interests of small and medium-sized, also detracts from the GREE Electric has long been in the capital market to establish a good market image. An investor friends even out of anger to express their feelings. Can not help but say: powerful, my miss dong. She had a fit of temper, and immediately shocked the audience. Yeah, what can you do with her?! I earned money, money is my point, take my food to me, you want claws? Many investors can be said to be on the spot fade. Some even kneel. Because there is a bit of a sense of loss. The atmosphere at the meeting was depressing and heavy. Look here a group of guys, then, Miss Dong Schmidt, put the details, speak the truth, and the feelings of playing card. Up till now, I’ve been out alone. Why do people say? Such a big business, why not ask two people, help you wash clothes are good. I said it was a waste. To the ticket, to stay, I was 10 days outside, on the rent for more than 10 days. Can’t I afford it? Can afford to spend! Besides, it’s not Dong Mingzhu’s money. But I think this is good. To earn more money for the enterprise, we should save down. You invest in GREE, do not talk to me about what the stock price. You should talk about this enterprise can not develop 100 years. We should study this stuff, it’s really worth it. This meaning is clear: I am a small woman, go through rain and wind, think for you every day, you can still Gesanchaiwu crooked ways, is the people in the same boat? See, what leverage aura, what is the effective means, what make a living away from home woman, miss dong.相关的主题文章: