Do you really understand the fear of the child Sohu –

Do you really understand the fear of the child? – the fear of maternal and child care in the Sohu is a normal aspect of early development. The results of psychological research further confirmed that there are ninety percent of the children in pre-school period there is a certain degree of fear. These fears may have a reality, such as the fear of lightning; it may be full of fantasy and fiction, such as fear of ghosts. More children are afraid of the dark, often there will be dark fantasy monsters at her. The baby will fear the fear of children usually around the age of two is produced, although the scope of activities of them more and more, but there are still many unknown things don’t understand, sometimes feel fear. In addition, parents in front of the baby casually talk about this, it will cause his fear. Of course, children need to know some common things in family life, such as electric fire, will walk will accidentally fell down the stairs, thieves got into the house, will young children would be drowned in a depth of only a few inches bathtub etc.. But if you talk about unexpected chatter without stop may occur, it will make children not careful convulsed with fear, with everything. But the most common is the parents in order to make the baby to him to be intimidated, such as do not obey the you give etc.. This will only increase the child’s anxiety and anxiety, so that he became timid and weak willed. Parents don’t scold parents should treat children from first to last seriously fear never snaps on the child’s fear to be blamed, as you age, the way to make a point, "or" you hold in every act and every move like a hand in the doll ", this argument can only exacerbate the child thought on the fluctuation, anxiety and worry – – first of all, the real reason to identify and child psychological fear, then analyze and judge, can be targeted to attention and caress. Next, you should be showing the child, he can properly handle this fear, he also has the ability to deal with this fear. In third, when the child has taken a big step in overcoming the fear, you must give more affirmation and encouragement. Parents should continue to praise their children and make them believe that they will make greater progress. This approach is quite effective. It helps to promote children to build a strong self-confidence. It must be pointed out that the child’s fear of the potential danger and the situation is completely normal. In order not to hurt their children, will avoid some dangerous things, boiling water and galloping hole, such as boiling on the road to the car and so on. We must give full affirmation to the normal response of the child. On the one hand, the fear of the child’s fear of illness is similar to that of the general fear, but the fear of illness is more diffuse and permeable. Five year old Jennifer afraid of cats, far from the cat, it will run away. Six year old Ross also afraid of cats. When she saw a cat on TV or in an illustration in the book, she even heard the occasional mention of other children.相关的主题文章: