Do not vent pig, see Audi products recommended second-hand car off the car to the Sohu plustek

Do not vent pig, see Audi products recommended second-hand car off all the talk of "small target auto Sohu recently to". My goal is to have a luxury car, which is probably the majority of male compatriots’ small target". But the balance of bank card in constantly reminding me that this "goal" seems to be elusive. Perhaps, a way to enable us to achieve a small goal, which is to buy second-hand car. But where can I buy a used car? Exchange — innovative products recommended second-hand car brand experience platform is Shanghai if the buddy, just in September 1 – 4, passing through Shanghai million Museum, will meet once a year the exchange – Audi products recommended products recommended second-hand car Car Buying carnival. The day of the event, more than a hundred A series, Q series, S series models to become the protagonist of Shanghai million museum. Department of Audi products recommended products recommended second-hand car specially built brand experience platform. In the event, through professional interpretation and interactive experience of the scene, to achieve second-hand car renovation and professional knowledge. It is reported that in September to November, foreign exchange products recommended can hold five lines in Shanghai, Shenyang, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Changchun 6 city under Car Buying activities. The subversion of the traditional exchange products recommended second-hand car sale mode to the carnival form, and realize the effective interaction of consumers. In particular, for the second-hand car trading links transparent display, to a certain extent, changed the consumer of the domestic used car industry, water too deep awareness. Speaking of the domestic second-hand car industry, the situation does not seem so optimistic. Looks beautiful second-hand car industry a lot of pain points to be solved in our country second-hand car market started late, the industry standard is not perfect, a single structure, the quality of employees is generally low, consumers often have doubts about the purchase of second-hand car. But under the Internet plus trend, second-hand car business A new force suddenly rises. Over the past two years, under the impetus of the capital, the second-hand car business into the air, flying mode. Whether it is the seller’s model 2B or 2C seller model, are faced with less than 10% of the overall lack of penetration and embarrassing reality. The reason is that second-hand car business is still not solve the problem, such as car source opaque information and services without protection, low integrity, lack of financial support and other industry ills. Compared with other second-hand car trading mode, relying on the brand 4S shop, the store next line this "super heavy" model of the brand second-hand car, sitting on the car source, brand and technology of absolute advantage, but more likely to stimulate consumer desire to buy. Established in 2004 and Audi products recommended second-hand car. Away from the outlet of Audi products recommended second-hand car how to take Audi products recommended second-hand car is ABB in the oldest second-hand car brand. With the first mover advantage of Audi products recommended second-hand car, with the Audi brand, through continuous insight into the second-hand car industry pain points, the formation of solutions, and eventually evolved into the business and system advantage. A large network + professional service, solve the problem of insufficient income car car source is generally faced with domestic second-hand car industry, Limited car source distribution of fragmentation in the hands of individuals, closed car difficulty and cost are very high. .相关的主题文章: