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Don’t be disturbed, the child grew up in luxury – Sohu mother and son some time ago and a friend chat, he said he felt now children, very happy, also very poor. Happiness is that there are better material conditions and more attention. The pity is that most of the children are now in the middle of a child with six adults (parents, grandparents, grandparents). Often subject to several different adults, the interference information turns different. Not to be disturbed, has become a luxury children grow up. (01) not to be disturbed, children grow up luxury last weekend we have a family of three to go shopping, you see a children’s painting area, where you can let the children to paint, also convenient shopping with children’s parents can sit down and rest for a while. The staff will send the children a few painting paper, there are some public watercolor pen can be used freely, Min Min also sat down and began to paint seriously. Sitting next to the family, a family with five children out to play, their children are drawing next to. At first I didn’t notice it, and then I found out that the child would cry a few times, and I began to notice what happened to them. When the child was drawing, his family was constantly disturbing him. It’s not like this! What color should this be! Why don’t you concentrate on it? When painting, you concentrate on painting! What are you doing here?! The child cried the most sad one, is the child’s grandfather, the child brush grabbed the child’s picture in the paper coated with their favorite color, grandpa told the child, "this should be so drawn, you know?" The child cried and wanted to take his brush, the child’s parents also took the child’s hand to tell the child, grandpa is teaching you to draw. No one cares about the child’s feelings. During the period, the child’s grandmother also repeatedly interrupt the child, let the children see other children’s graffiti, "you see, my sister drew well, sister more beautiful, you have such a draw…". The child’s eyes had not on paper, but with the parents constantly interrupting and distracted. You put their paper pasted, and she happily prepared to share her work with us. Beside the little boy’s grandmother, suddenly the Min drawing paper took in the past, and then continue to the child said, "you see my sister’s paintings, you draw so……." Min Min originally wanted to take her work to share with us, was suddenly taken away by others, there is no consent, Min Min to the little boy’s grandmother shouted, and returned to me, this is my! However, the little boy’s grandmother did not hear. She also said to his grandson constantly, how to draw? I could not help but stand up, and he said please do not disturb, please put the paper back to us. I said two times, the old man still did not hear, she was completely immersed in their own world. Finally, the child’s mother said, quickly put things back to others, how can you take someone else’s stuff! The old man was a little embarrassed, but in an instant相关的主题文章: