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UnCategorized There’s nothing like a favorite outfit to make a woman feel terrific and ready to take on the world. This begins with a top that flatters the shape and draws the eye to a woman’s best feature: her smiling face, beaming with self-confidence and energy. Though many shop for clothes that are trendy and chic, not wanting to be seen as out-dated, fashion is relative and different for every woman. It’s a personal statement of individuality and style that transcends trend. It’s about flattering fit and color that works with a woman’s body shape and .plexion. It’s about looking and feeling fabulous. There are many styles of tops to choose from to flatter any body shape. Understanding the basics to look for will help build a wardrobe for all occasions. The first thing to consider is the body type and styles of tops that will work to accentuate the best features and downplay those areas that may be fashionably troublesome. Essentially, women’s body shapes can be classified in four types: 1.Pear shape: the upper body is smaller than the lower body with slender shoulders and larger hips and thighs. 2.Apple shape: the upper body is larger than the lower body with size more concentrated in the middle. 3.Hourglass shape: a curvy shape with a well-defined waistline. 4.Straight shape: generally un-defined curves with straight, vertical lines. Flattering tops for pear-shaped women draw the attention to the upper body and emphasize the waist while de-emphasizing the lower body. Look for medium-length V-neck tops, off-the-shoulder, and wrap tops for a flattering look. Brightly colored or print tops are great, especially with darker, solid colored pants and skirts. The apple-shaped woman who is heavier around the middle should look for flattering vertical lines with tops made with flowing fabrics in monochromatic colors. V-neck tops that extend the length of the neck visually and slimming tunics that elongate the body are excellent choices. Prints should be avoided as well as short tops that visually cut the body in half. Hourglass-shaped women are best served by choosing tops that accentuate the waist such as wrap tops and tops that are gathered at the waist. Scoop neck tees and halter style blouses can be very flattering as well. Boxy styles should be avoided since they de-emphasize the curves, falling straight from bust to hip, resulting in an apple-shaped appearance. The straight-shaped, or rectangular-shaped woman should choose form-fitting, mix-and-match tops that will give the illusion of curves. Off-the-shoulder, V-neck, and wide-necked tops, especially those nipped at the waistline, are particularly flattering. Every shape is beautiful and every woman can make the most of that beauty with a wardrobe that includes tops that accentuate the most beautiful features. With these few rules to help guide on that next shopping trip, have a ball creating that perfect, trendy look! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: